Things Not Covered in This Workshop

Forms, Image Maps & CGI

These all are CGI-related, which is beyond the scope of this workshop.


It's easy to write the HTML code, but you need a CGI program on your server to process the information.

Here are some examples:

Input your name:

The code looks like this:

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name" SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=40>

To see the code for the rest of these examples, list the source of this page.

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3

Make a choice

The submit button:

Image Maps

You've seen those images which you can click on various parts and be sent to various places. Those are image maps. They require CGI.

Writing CGI

You can learn to write HTML in a matter of hours. CGI may take weeks or months. For the average person (at this time), there is no need to learn how to use CGI.

Here are some links, to get you started.