The Internet TESL Journal

How to Make a Startup Page for Internet Browsing

Charles I. Kelly
Aichi Institute of Technology (Toyota, Japan)

What Is It?

Why Do It?

How To Do It

  1. Load one of these pages.

  2. Save it as "source" to your hard disk.
    This puts the file in HTML form onto your disk. Please don't link directly to the page. That would defeat the intention of this article.

  3. Load it into your browser using "Open File".
    This gets the file from your hard disk and puts it on the screen.

  4. Copy the location.
    In Netscape or Internet Explorer, the location is at the top of the page, if the "Show Location" option has been set.

  5. Paste it into "Home Page Location" in the Preferences.
    In Netscape, choose "Preferences", find the place where it says "Home Page Location", and paste in the file's location.

  6. OPTIONAL: Edit the page to suit your needs.
    Cut the links you don't want or seldom use. Add the links that you do.

  7. For more info on HTML, read the HTML Quick-Start Guide.

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, December 1995