The Internet TESL Journal

Speech Evaluation Form

Eric Pollock
Kyunghee University (Seoul, Korea)


This is a speech evaluation form that I have used in class. The categories are distinct and applicable to any type of speech. The grading system for this speech form is very easy, as teachers are better able to distinguish between an excellent speech, a good one, a fair one, or a poor one. Also, there is a greater emphasis on overall form than on minor details of a grammatical nature. This evaluation form is clear and easy to use.

Speech Evaluation Form

Student Name__________________      Date______________        
Student ID#___________________

Speech Evaluation Form     Excellent (4)  Good (3)  Fair (2)  Poor (1)

1) Speech Value
   (Interesting, Meaningful)

2) Preparation
   (Research done, Rehearsed)

3) Manner
   (Direct, Confident)

4) Organization
   (Purposeful, Clear)

5) Opening
   (Attention-getting, Led into topic)

6) Body of Speech
   (Logical order, Support for ideas)

7) Conclusion
   (Effective, Meaningful)

8) Vocal
   (Clearly, Audible, Pleasant)

9) Contact with audience
   (Eye, Physical)

10) Language
    (Appropriate, Understandable)

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. VI, No. 11, November 2000