The Internet TESL Journal

Contrast in Transport Quiz

Fahrettin Sirin

Read the text first, then mark the best choice: (10 pts each).

Life today is (1) life in previous times in almost every respect--one of the most obvious being transport. (2) centuries man travelled for days and weeks on foot or on the backs of animals (3) horses or camels. Today the reverse is true; we can fly from one continent to another in a matter of hours. In the past, the streets used to be crowded with slow horse-drawn carriages, (4) they are now packed with motor vehicles (5). Possibly, the horses were (6) noisy, (7) they did not pollute the atmosphere with exhaust fumes. (8), we may have our own private helicopters. (9), the opposite might happen and we shall use simpler methods of transport. (10), we might use bicycles rather than cars, or our legs.

1. a) alike             2. a) Many          3. a) such as
   b) different from       b) Last             b) are like
   c) dissimilar           c) Before           c) generally
   d) the same as          d) For              d) which like
4. a) so                5. a) though         6.a) quiet
   b) therefore            b) otherwise        b) equal
   c) whereas              c) instead          c) as much as
   d) although             d) there            d) just as

7. a) but               8. a) As a result    9.a) Consequently
   b) and                  b) In general       b) On the other hand
   c) so                   c) In the future    c) Generally
   d) then                 d) According to     d) For this reason

10. a) Finally
    b) Hence
    c) For example
    d) Such as

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. II, No. 3, March 1996