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Job Interview Practice for ESL Students

Matthew W. Blake (Shanghai, China)

Teacher Notes

As globalisation continues, students from around the world have more and more opportunities to work in companies that use English as the means of communication in the work-place. I've found this lesson plan created a lot of interest and enthusiasm amongst my Chinese university students in Shanghai. As China opens up and more foreign companies are entering the market, university students are particularly interested in learning 'English for employment' skills.

Introduction - 5 Minutes

Building the Lesson - 15 minutes

work experience, vacation, medical insurance, bachelor/masters/MBA, degree, training, salary, overtime, housing, promotion, work environment, transcripts, experience, personality, language abilities, references, letters of recommendation, honesty, equality, grades, office, work schedule, breaks
  1. What salary do you expect?
  2. What salary do you offer?
  3. What is your work experience?
  4. Where is it located?
  5. What did you study in school?
  6. What languages can you speak?
  7. Is there a chance for promotion?
  8. What are the benefits?

Main Activity: Job Interview Role Play - 20 Minutes

Make sure the students are aware that they should ask and answer each question and use the vocabulary given in their answers.
If there is some confusion amongst the students, the teacher will act as the employer and do a model role play with one student 'applicant' in front of the class.

Conclusion – 5 minutes

Go over the questions with the entire class. Ask a student each question and get them to give their answer to the whole class.


If time permits, ask the employers who they would like to hire and why.

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. XI, No. 12, December 2005