The Internet TESLJournal

Part-time Job Debate Practice for ESL Students

Matthew W. Blake (Shanghai, China)

Teacher Notes 

Many university students are taking part-time jobs.  Students often view working part-time as purely a good thing: a way to make extra money and make new friends.  This topic gets them thinking and has led to some good debates.

Introduction – 10 minutes

Building the Lesson - 10 minutes

Role play - 20 minutes

One student is "A" and receives the following handout.
The other student is "B" and receives the following handout.
Student A and Student B then debate the topic using the points on the handout and points of their own.  If the class is at an advanced level the teacher can add to the list in the handout.

Conclusion - 5 minutes

Student go back to their seats.  The teacher takes a vote on who wants to have a part-time job.

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. XI, No. 12, December 2005