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Comprehension Questions for the Movie "Men in Black"

Letitia Bradley

Scene 1. The border control stops the car.

How many cars are blocking the road?
What does the driver said he has been doing?
How many people are in the black car?
What is the name of the first Alien?
What color are the Alien's entrails?

Scene 2. A policeman is chasing someone.

How many policemen are chasing, in the beginning?
What does the first man (the alien) jump off?
A bridge.
What is the policeman wearing around his neck?
His badge and some chains.
How does the policeman get inside the big, white, building?
He shoots the glass, to break it, and then climbs through.
How does the alien die?
He jumps off the top of the building.

Scene 3. At the Farm.

What is the man inside the house doing?
Eating dinner, and complaining.
What happens to the truck?
A spaceship lands on it, and it is smashed.
Is the cow hurt by the spaceship?
No, It walks away before the spaceship crashes.
What is the farmer (Edgar) carrying?
A gun.

Scene 4. Inside at the farm.

What is the first thing that the alien (wearing Edgar) says?
What does he want?
Sugar in water.
What does the woman do when she sees the alien pull his skin tight?
She faints.

Scene 5. The policeman is being debriefed.

How many people are in the room?
What rank is the fat policeman in uniform?
How long does the young policeman think the fat policeman needs on a "stair master"?
10 minutes.
Where does the woman say the morgue is?
On 26th.

Scene 6. At the pawnbrokers.

Who goes into the shop first?
The policeman.
What is on the counter?
A lamp, a newspaper, and a tray of Rolex watches.
What does the man in black (K) say he will count to?
How does the alien make the guns appear?
He presses a button.

Scene 7. At the restaurant.

What does K say, the woman says "it"is eating?
Her Popcorn
What did K and officer Edwards have to eat?
Egg rolls
What name does K call Officer Edwards?
What drink has Edwards been having?
What time should they meet?
How many bottles do we see on the table in front of Officer Edwards?
What does K give to Officer Edwards?
His calling / business card
What is the number of the place Edwards has to go to?
504 Battery Drive.

Scene 8 Back at the farm.

What is the man with the tank on his back going to do?
Kill the cockroaches and bugs in the barn.
What does the alien do to the man?
He kills him. (By sticking the nozzle down his throat).
What does the alien do with his spaceship?
He rolls it up a plank into the back of the truck.

Scene 9. 504 Battery Drive.

What is the guy in the suit called?
Why are they all there?
To take the test.
How many are they looking for?
Only one.
How many are taking the test?
In the shooting scene did Edwards (the policeman) kill any monsters?
Who did he shoot?
A little girl.
What was the (guy) monster hanging from the light doing?
Working out.
What about the snarling beast guy, what was he really doing?
How old is little Tiffany (the girl)?
About 8 years old.
How many books is she carrying?
What is strange about the books she is carrying?
They are much too difficult for her.
What is the last test that they have to administer?
An eye test.

Scene 10. Walking K explains to Edwards.

What does K give to Edwards?
A folder.
What date did the aliens first make contact?
March 2nd, 1961.
How many people were there that night?
How did they conceal all evidence of the landing?
They held a Worlds fair (expo').
Why does Edwards think that K needs a CAT scan?
He thinks that he is crazy.
Does Edwards believe K's story?
No he keeps being sarcastic.

Scene 11. In the coffee room.

How many aliens are in the room?
Does K want decaf coffee?

Scene 12. Sitting in the park.

How many aliens does K say are on the planet at one time?
About fifteen hundred.
What job does Edwards think that most aliens do?
Cab drivers.
How long does K give Edwards to think it over?
Until sunrise.

Scene 13. Back at 504 Battery Drive.

What does the Immigration officer ask the really tall alien? "
Any fruit or vegetables?.
Do they report to the government?
No. K said that they ask too many questions.
When was the great New York black out?
What is the relationship between the two aliens who are running the observation center?
They are twins.
What planet did Edwards think his teacher was from?
What name does Edwards now become?
What does J say is the difference between K and himself?
He makes this look good.

Scene 14. (After we see the Edgar alien) J and K are being briefed.

What was the red letter about?
An unauthorized landing somewhere in upstate New York.
What is a "skimmer"?
An landed alien, who is out of zone.
Where is the alien called "Redglick" stuck?
On the New Jersey Turnpike.
A keg is a big container of beer, What do you think to host a Kegger means?
To have a party.
Z knows that J doesn't like being called names like "son" or "sport" but he calls him two different names to annoy him what are they?
Tiger and Junior.
What kind of car do they drive?
Ford P.O.S.
What does J think that K has to work on?
His people skills.

Scene 15. At the restaurant.

Where is the cat?
In the bag on the floor under the table.
What has the older alien brought for the other alien's children?
Has the tall alien ordered?
Yes, Pirogi.
What is the table number they are sitting at?
Who does the bug (the Edgar alien) kill first?
The older one.

Scene 16. On the New Jersey Turnpike.

Where does Reggie's card have him restricted to?
The island of Manhattan.
How many times is J pulled through the car?
What does K said the baby is?
A Squid.

Scene 17. At the newspaper seller's.

What other newspaper is mentioned?
The New York Times.
How many papers does K buy?
What does the head line say on the paper he throws on to the car?
Alien stole my husbands skin.

Scene 18. The M.I.B. go to the farm.

What doesn't the F.B.I .have?
A sense of Humour.
What does she offer them to drink?
Does J like the lemonade?
No. J pulls a face and then spits it back into the glass.
What is Edgar holding in the photograph?
A rifle (gun).
What does J tell her to get from the store called Bloomingdales?
Some dresses and shoes.
What colour does K say "please not............."?

Scene 19. The morgue.

What does the policeman ask the woman to do?
Sign Here.
When the woman is dictating notes K finishes off a sentence for her what word does he say?
What is special about the Heart, liver, lungs of the older alien?
They are all missing.
What name is J pretending he is called?
Dr White.
Where does the alien say the Galaxy is?
On Orion's belt.
How many times, in this scene, does K use the "flashy thing" on the woman?

Scene 20. The bug in his van.

Where did he get the thing, he is trying to open, from?
He took it off the table in the restaurant.
What is inside?
What did he think was inside?
The Galaxy.

Scene 21. Back at H.Q.

Where is Orion in the sky?
In the Northern sky.
How many stars are galaxies made up of?
What words appear on the screen of the computer that K is working on when J interrupts him?
Subject lost.
Does K agree with J when he quotes "It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all"?
No. He says try it.

Scene 22 (After J is given a weapon) At the Jewelry store.

How many display cases does the bug break?
What does the bug see that makes him snort and grunt?
He sees the photograph of the cat and it's collar.
What is happening to his car?
It is being towed away.
What does the bug say to the tow truck driver? "
Hey this is my truck".
What makes J turn around and see the bug?
He hears a gunshot.
How many times does J shoot at the bug?
3 times.
What does the bug steal from the street seller?
A post card.

Scene 23. The Men in Black talk to the dog.

Which one does J think is the alien?
The gaunt looking man.
Which one is the Alien?
The dog.
What is the dog's name?
Why can't the dog talk now?
His flight is leaving.
What two excuses does J say to passers by when K is shaking the dog?
The dog owes him money and they are practicing for a ventriloquist act.
How small does the dog say the galaxy is?
Tiny, like the size of a marble or a Jewel.
What does J see that makes him say "K"?
A cat with a bell on it's collar.

Scene 24. The alien goes to the morgue.

Why does the woman suddenly jump?
The cat lands on her table, and surprises her.
What name is on the cat's collar?
What is inside of the pendant on the cat's collar?
The Galaxy.
What is the bug carrying?
His gun.
How does he get the desk clerk's attention?
He rings the bell.
What does the bug tell him not to do?
Do that. (Kill the bugs on the counter with the fly swat).

Scene 25. K and J arrive.

How long does K give J before he will come in there?
Two minutes.
What does the bug say that he is looking for?
The animal.
Why does the bug stop dragging the woman?
He hears J ringing the bell.
What name does J call himself?
Sargent Friday.
What time is it?
6.20 pm
What does J say the cat has witnessed?
A Murder.
Why does K look up?
Something drops from the ceiling and extinguishes his match.
What does he see?
The desk clerk stuck to the ceiling.
How does the bug leave the morgue?
Through a window.
What does he take with him?
The woman and the Galaxy.
How does the bug get away?
In a taxi.

Scene 26. Chasing the bug.

Why does the bug say he is taking the women with him?
It is a long journey and he might need a snack.
Why is J surprised that K is taking the tunnel?
It is going to be packed.
What button is J told to push?
The little red button.
Who is the singer of the song K plays?
Elvis Presley.
According to K, is the singer dead?
No he just went home.
Why is the bug happy that a war could start?
More food for his family.
When the guys arrive at Queens, how much longer until the destruction of the Earth?
7 minutes and 56 seconds.
What number is the Mets baseball player wearing when he doesn't catch the ball?
When the bug emerges from the "Edgar suit" what is the first thing it does to the M.I.B.?
He takes their guns.
What does K say, that J mustn't let the bug do?
Leave in the second ship.
Where does K say he is going?
To get his gun back.
What is the last part of K that we see ?
The bottom of his shoes.
What does J throw at the bug?
A rock.
How many roaches does J step on?
Three. (Actually he steps on at least two more when he is talking to the bug, but we only clearly see him crush three).
What relation does he think they are to the bug?
Auntie and Uncle.
Who does K call on his cellular telephone?
Z. To tell him that they have the Galaxy.
Who finally kills the bug?
The woman.

Scene 27. Outside of H.Q..

Who does K say that the flashy thing is for?
For himself.
What four things does K explain about the flashy thing?
Months, days, years and always facing forward.

Scene 28. The new J.

In the newspaper headline, what city has a car that defies gravity?
What does the other paper say about the man who used to be K?
Man awakens from 35 year coma.

This is part of Teaching the Movie M. I. B. to ESL Students
The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. IV, No. 6, June 1998