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Gerard Counihan
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Level: Intermediate and Up

Generalisations are general statements or opinions which are only partly true because they are based on a few cases or incomplete knowledge. Below there is a list of my own ad hoc "generalisations." They are sometimes quite cheeky, but the point is not to teach the concept but to have fun, provoke the students gently and trigger verbal exchanges. Even the most humble of statements will very often lead on to further talk, through opinion, disagreement, comment, adding to, agreeing and so on.

Activity A

The following statements can be read out individually by the teacher, who awaits reaction (and there should be in most cases) and the ensuing exchanges between all present; or students can be divided into pairs to debate the statement, reporting back to the rest of the group subsequently.

Activity B

Have students make up their own generalisations.

Here are some examples of what I got.

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. V, No. 5, May 1999