The Internet TESL Journal

Invitations and Requests in a Restaurant

David Dockhorn
ddtraveller [at]
Sarakhampittyakhom High School (Mahasalakham, Thailand)


This is a conversation activity that focuses on making invitations and requests in the context of dining at a restaurant. My Thai students are normally very shy to speak but they love to do this activity. The students play the roles of customers, waiters/waitresses, and managers in a restaurant.

This gets the students speaking spontaneously and all at the same time. It's something they really like and you can do it again and again and add to it and really refine their language until they are quite fluent in making requests and invitations.  It also gives them an understanding of the vocabulary surrounding restaurants and the cultural context of dining in an English speaking country.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three


Then run through it again. The students also enjoy outrageous menu items like monkey brains, buffalo steak, human pizza, etc. and extremely high prices.

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. IX, No. 10, October 2003