The Internet TESL Journal

The Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

Greg Goodmacher
Kwassui College (Nagasaki, Japan)

The newspaper scavenger hunt is a good reading exercise which familiarizes students with the format of local English newspapers. It is also a fun way to practice scanning and skimming reading skills. Additionally, students will become aware of important news events.

When making a scavenger hunt, decide on the level of difficulty that you want your students to encounter, and choose appropriately. You might also take into consideration which news events or sections of the newspaper are of interest to your students, as well as any possible follow up activities to the scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts can also be made with novels, short stories, phone books, and many other texts. The following is an example of a scavenger hunt made with The Japan Times.

Easy Level

1. How much is the newspaper?

2. What are the names of the comic strips?

3. What is the weather forecast for today in Tokyo?

4. What sports are shown in photographs?

5. What is the name of an author who is "singing like a caged bird?"

6. What is the name of the world`s longest suspension bridge?

A Little More Difficult Level

7. Who will marry in Barcelona?

8. How much are llama vests selling for in Vermont?

9. What is causing forests to loose public support?

10. What TV program is on at 8:54 on channel 5 in Nagoya?

11. Why are Singaporeans eating birds` nest soup?

More Difficult

12. How much beef did Nebraska export to South Korea last year?

13. What percent of schools in Japan have access to the internet?

14. What is your opinion of a speech made by an Australian at the United Nations?

15. Paraphrase the main idea of the explanation given by the Ministry of Education to explain why children do not think for themselves?

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. III, No. 11, November 1997