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Three Goal-oriented Presentation Projects for ESL/EFL Students

Michelle Kawamura
Daito Bunka University (Tokyo, Japan)


These are three goal-oriented activities that can be used for intermediate or advanced students learning English as a second language. The purpose of these lessons is to take students beyond basic writing and speaking of English to coherent, self-expressive presentation. These activities also aim to provide an active learning environment and to promote independent studies. Each unit can be divided into two to four lessons in order to allow students to complete the assignments, to master the tasks, and to present their work in class. Teachers can use any part of the lessons as homework, group activities, research projects, and presentations.


Teachers act as facilitators to lead students to become independent and responsible learners. Although the mechanics of the presentation have been prepared for the students, flexibility and creativity are also encouraged. The contents of the activities are easy to understand and follow. The purpose is not to make the lesson difficult but to improve fluency through practice and interest.

Project One

Budgeting for a Trip 

Q. What are your plans for the next holiday?
A. Well, I would like to travel somewhere, but I need help planning the trip. I want to visit a place where I can learn some (American) culture, enjoy (American) food, and bring back lots of precious memories. I have five holidays in May, and my budget is $1,200. Please make a plan for me. Note: (American) can be replaced with other countries.

Activity 1-Travel Plan

Discuss and research a travel plan with your teammates and complete the chart.  Please search five or more sites on the internet for your travel plan.   Please work in groups of four or five students.

Activity 1-b  Prepare your plans in writing.

Hi, class! We have researched and selected the best plan under $1,200 for five days of travel in May. We recommend that you visit New York City. The total travel cost is $1,150. This includes $380 for transportation and $450 for hotel. The approximate daily cost will be around $80, which should cover your meals and other expenses.

On this trip, you can visit the Statue of Liberty, window shop in the famous downtown district, and go to the popular department stores. While you are at the Statue of Liberty, you can find many souvenirs. When you are hungry, you can try the New York Cheese burger and fries. They are very delicious. You should not miss going to Empire State building, where you can view the city at night.
Thank you. I hope you liked our plan.
Hi, Class!  We have researched and selected the best plan under $(       )for 5 days traveling in May.

Activity 1-c  Practice and Present it in Class

Now, listen to other teams about the traveling plan they recommended and answer the questions below:

Project Two

Promote a book/video/movie/play…etc

Hi class,
I would like to tell you about my favorite movie today. The name of the movie is Flight Plan. This is a fictional movie. Starring as the main character is Jodie Foster. She is a talented actress who has won many Academy Awards. In this movie, Jodie Foster is a mother who boarded a plane with her daughter, and a series of unexpected events happened. The movie can be divided into three parts. The first part is when the mother and child boarded the plane. The second part is when the mother found her child missing and tried to find her. The third part is the mother desperately looking for her daughter on the plane. I will not give away the ending of this movie, but I recommend that you watch this movie as soon as possible. I give this movie five “thumbs up.”

Let’s talk about some recent movies you watched:
Words and expressions:  (write new words learned in the space provided.)
Comedy  non-fiction  science fiction (sci-fi)   suspense   horror  
Main character(s)  Next  after that   Finally 

Activity 2-a Write a paragraph about a movie/book/video…etc which you recommend.

Hi class,
S. I would like to tell you about my favorite (       ) today.
S. The name of the (        ) is ______.This is a (              ).
S=standard sentences to start the presentation. 

Each sentence worth 10 points. Please try to score 100 points for this assignment.
  1. _________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________________________
  6. _________________________________________________________
  7. _________________________________________________________
  8. _________________________________________________________
  9. _________________________________________________________
  10. _________________________________________________________


Activity 2-b Please prepare a poster about the movie or book of you recommendation.

Activity 2-c  Practice and present it with your poster in class.            

Project Three

News Report

What news paper did you read today?
What sections of the news did you read?
Sports    Economics     Politics    Domestic    International
Education     Daily Issues   Editorial   Business  Family
What were some eye catching headlines?
Did you read any good news?
Did you read any bad news?

Activity 3-a  Answer the Ws and H questions of the news you read:

Note: Some news does not have the answers to all the Ws and H questions.

Who  What   When  Why  Where  How

Activity 3-b  Work in a group of four to five students.  Find the information for the following:

Please list a headline from the following sections of the news:

Activity 3-c  Take turns and ask these questions to your group members/other classmates.

Please tell me some good news you read:
Ex.  Sports:     Ichiro hit another homerun yesterday!
Please tell me some bad news you read:
Ex:  Health    The bird flu in Vietnam has taken more lives.

Activity 3-d  Each member of the group summarizes a news story from a different category:

Ex:  Category     Business
Headline    Toyota’s second quarter hit ceiling high sales
Summary    Toyota’s total sales in the second quarter are the highest among all automakers domestically.





Activity 3-e  Please practice your summary and present your news in your group.

Activity 3-f  Discuss among team members and decide on the presentation outline. (Order of the news summary.)

News Group Name: Leader:


Name    News category


Practice with your group members and prepare to present your news summary in groups. 


Some example sites are:

The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. XIV, No. 8, August 2008