The Internet TESL Journal

Using Games in Teaching English to Young Learners

Lin Hong
zhangyllh [at]
Guangdong Foreign Language Normal School (Guangdong, China)

I. How to Choose a Game

Students may wish to play games purely for fun. Teachers, however, need more convincing reasons. 'Teachers need to consider which games to use, when to use them, how to link them up with the syllabus, textbook or programme and how, more specifically, different games will benefit students in different ways (Khan, J.1996).' The key to a successful language game is that the rules are clear, the ultimate goal is well defined and the game must be fun.

Below are some questions which we might consider as we choose a game:

II. Hints and Suggestions

III. The "Magic Matchbox" Game

This is a guessing game played by teams to practice numbers.


The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. VIII, No. 8, August 2002