Generate a Bilingual Vocabulary List for the Web

You can generate an HTML-formatted vocabulary list using the same data that you use when you contribute to Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes.

Choose a Format

(The samples are not bilingual.)
Sample My Favorite - UL-Formatting with a style sheet to change colors.
(This one produces a small filesize and requires the least amount of paper to print.)
Sample DL-Formatting (Definition List - Indented)
Sample UL-Formatting (Unordered List - Dots)
Sample OL-Formatting (Ordered List - Numbers)
Sample Table Formatted
Sample Self-study Quiz
For T. Oi

Follow these 6 steps.

Step 1. Put the data here.

NOTE There should be 1 and only 1 RETURN after the last line.
UNLESS you are generating a "self-study quiz", then you need to have 2 RETURNS. (This is a "bug" that I hope to fix someday.)

Step 2. Input the other info for the web page.

You can edit this later in the generated HTML file, if you know how.

Quiz Title - REQUIRED

Your Name - REQUIRED

Lanuguage 1 - REQUIRED

Lanuguage 2 - REQUIRED

Choose the Character Set:

ISO-8859-1 = English and some other European Languages
ISO-8859-2 - Polish, Hungarian and some other European Languages
Shift-JIS = Japanese
EUC-KR - Korean
KOI8-R - Russian
windows-874 = Thai
EUC-TW - Chinese
Big5 - Chinese

Your Email Address - OPTIONAL (Just make the field blank if you want it omitted.)

Your Home Page URL - OPTIONAL (Just make the field blank if you want it omitted.)

If you have no email address or home page, please empty those fields.

Step 3. Generate the Page

The Data Format

The data must be in this format.
(The sample is an English-English quiz, but you may do 2 languages as well.)
Line 1 - WORD   (Language 1)  ENGLISH
Line 2 - DEFINITION  (Language 2) JAPANESE
Line 4 - (Go to Line 1 - Repeat)


1st month of the year

2nd month of the year

3rd month of the year

4th month of the year

5th month of the year

6th month of the year

7th month of the year

8th month of the year

9th month of the year

10th month of the year

11th month of the year

12th month of the year

This Vocabulary List Generator by Charles Kelly (July 19, 2002)