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ESL/EFL Web Sites We Would Like to See
A page where ESL Web users can let Web developers know what they would like to see.

Last Submission: September 21.

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Submitted by yjivkplemu

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Submitted by fpzkydvu

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Submitted by lqbfai

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Submitted by lwlmroyv

Greg, thanks for dronpipg in. I got you about teachers being left behind by the no child left behind reform. I'm continually boggled by how we can't just focus on getting passionate and good educators in the classroom and then leave them to produce the goods! Always so much b.s. imposed from above or the outside.I got into karaoke for reading, like you. But since my kids at that time were mostly ESL, it continued as I went into teacher training. Andrew Finch, a prof in Korea is one of a number who are using karafun with preservice teachers. There are others out there! You have the right approach student made content/curriculum is powerful stuff. On many counts, even just the skill of making the video beyond language. Check out gosing too, have you heard of it? It's fun for parties etc Find it through my main karaoke post here.
Submitted by Muhammad

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Submitted by nrzwxd

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Submitted by yrgiyiwwv

Now we know who the snesible one is here. Great post!
Submitted by Emily

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Submitted by fivvkxbtjc

ideas for research in TEFL

A quiz that will help to practise consonant assimilation that occurs in sentences where /t/ is elided.
Submitted by Deana Payne
web sites concerning new methods solving the problems resulted from the students'socio-cultural background in learning english as a second language.

Currently, I am a student of M.A ENGLISH LINGUISTICS &need to write a thesis.My areas of interest for research are,'The growing importance of Oral skills in TESL & TEFL'; &'Ignorance of pronunciation in TESL&TEFL at the beginners & intermediate level'.I would really appreciate if you help me in providing related websites & important informations that will make my task easy.Moreover, also tell me about the best way I should employ while writing my University Thesis(the correct method of writing).I would also welcome if you provide some other good ideas related to my interest as I have to finalise my thesis topic soon.You can give your suggestions & ideas & contact me as many times as you like for that matter.

Submitted by Mrs. Seema Yamin
I'd like to see a web site with .wav files of regional pronunciations of English. Apparently, there used to be such a site (for actors), but the link doesn't seem to be working now.
Submitted by J. Blackwell
as a teacher of english to teenagers as bigenners,i'd like to find a web site that presents short plays and communicative activities.thank you in advance
Submitted by amina rachidi
I'm an English language teacher ,I w'd like to sea researches don on TEFL.
Submitted by Mohammed Abdullah
I am a student at UB, and I want to design a web site about Jordan to teach the students about its culture and history.
Submitted by hana
I am teaching English to university students of Informantion Technology (English for Specific Purposes)and would like to know if there are any websites specially designed for teaching English and learning English in this field. If you know any, please advise me at Thanks a lot.
Submitted by Ta Thi Tam Ha, The University of Queensland, Australia
i m the student of m.a., english language teaching & i want to write a dessertation on bilingualism. plz suggest for me website for the topic regarding bilingualism.
Submitted by raabia sheikh
I'm an english teacher .I've done m.a. & now i'm looking forward to do my ph.D but yet not sure about the topic.I want to take the topic in grammar,so that I may feel more confident in my teaching. can you please suggest me a website which can help me in this purpose??
Submitted by Deepali
I would like to find exercises that allow efl students to practice Rising, falling, drop-rising intonation, perhaps in the form of situational dialogues. It would be even nicer if they included audio.
Submitted by Martha Huaman
I would like to find exercises that allow efl students to practice Rising, falling, drop-rising intonation, perhaps in the form of situational dialogues. It would be even nicer if they included audio.
Submitted by Martha Huaman
I think a web site in English from all over the world on successful strategies/activities doing group/communicative work at the middle school or high school level, experiences from English teachers who are NOT native speakers, would be great.
Submitted by Patricia Neyman
A site on writing composition, teaching grammer, group work
I would like to see a web sites about how do we motivate puipls to like and love English Language. Also, I'd be nice to have web sites about games for adults 14-17

Submitted by Bashayer, Kuwait
I'm looking for some new ideas in teaching "Oral Fluency" for native speakers in Arab countries with large classes.
Submitted by Sana Jamal
I'd like to know a site that related to pronounciation.
Submitted by iqbal hamidy

I would like to know an site that relates the written form of a word with its pronounciation. I'm an English teacher and I feel that I have the responsibility to say the words right. At my school, I have different nationalities colleagues who have different pronounciation with the words depending on their background. Please lead me to a site that is more effective than the dictionary phonotics.

I would like to see a written vocabulary which is related to its pronounciation as an English teacher, I always face trouble in using the dictionary,The teachers at my school are from different Arab countries, each of them have a version of how a certain words from the other . Please if there is a site like that, help me.
Submitted by iqbal hamidy

I'm very intresting of teaching English for young learners by using games and songs .I'm looking for songs and games for children from {6-9} in kuwait .
I need songs and games which are suitable for our countries in the Arabian Gulf .
Submitted by jawaher
I would like to see a site that has a comprehensive list of links collected from all over the web.
NOTE: There are a few of these.
Try ours:
There needs to be a site that TEACHES vocabulary through pictures and sounds.....instead of just reviewing vocabulary. It would be great if there were a site where teachers could collaborate and submit work to share with one another. Is there such an exchange on Yahoo?

Recognition quizzes are too easy.
Submitted by sue alice
A web site which elaborates on the attitudes of ESL/EFL teachers towards students'evaluation, or feedback needs adding to the list so that ESL/EFL teachers can be well aware of the necessity of allowing their students to offer constructive criticism to the process of improving their professional development.
Submitted by Vo Trong Nguyen, MA candidate in applied linguistics at the University of Queensland, Australia
A TEFL site that only deals with teaching methods / ideas for teaching one-to-one. All sites are practical for group/class work, but I can't seem to find anything with tons of ideas for just the student and myself. Most games go out the window when there is just one students, and it is easy to 'kill' a game that does work with just the two of us or the student by over-use.
Submitted by Alice, China
Review of textbooks.
Editor's Note TESL-EJ is a source for book reviews, though most are not textbooks.

There needs to be a link that has information leading to the disadvantages and advantages of the use of BARRIER Games, for language development.
Submitted by Graeme Goode
Regular classroom teachers need support in working with ESL students in their classrooms -- especially those with very limited English ability. I would like to see more websites directed toward the instruction of ESL students in mainstream classrooms.

What about a 'chat' group for exhanging problems, ideas, resources, and so forth? Because potential users are based around the world, it would be better for such a group/site to be email-based, rather than online, thus getting around the difficulty of different time zones. (There is an excellent group of this kind for teachers of the Suzuki Method of instrumental instruction and parents of children learning by this method which would make a good model.)
Submitted by Cheryl Thornett
ESP Materials for adult learners as there is so little in the field.
Specific area:doing english for Theology.For students studying theology who are non-natives and adults.
I have taught in this field for 21 years and recently published a book which is being used here in India but has been seen by John Swales of University of Michigan ,who has approved it and put it in his ESP Collection in ELI at Michigan.I studied at Aston university in UK. I am now enrolled for a Ph.D. and am working on academic writing esp.lly the thesis .
Submitted by Iris Devadason
I am looking for ideas on teaching how to write a research papers at the college level. I have not been able to find any helpful web sites.
Submitted by Bess
A page that deals with facial expressions, using both real human faces and simple "happy face" types of configurations. This could be used to teach vocabulary in two ways. Both labeling expressions and expanding to synonyms for those expressions. My 2nd grade students call every emotion happy or sad. I would love for them to be able to use elated or devistated. I have been searching for a wide range of emotional states expressed in a consistent pattern, but usually find 3 or 4 in one book and maybe something else in a comic book. Sources or ideas? Thanks.
Submitted by Terri Oates
As a teacher of English in an Asian country where cooperative learning is still new . So far not many language teachers at my college have learnt techniques of teaching using pair and groupwork . I'd like to see a web site in which we can learn more about how to use pair and group work to motivate students in reading classes .
Submitted by lily
I would like to see researches or any information done on error corrections based especially audilingual approach and transformative generative grammar.
Shoud the students be corrected when they make mistakes?
Who should correct students when they make mistakes?
If the students be corrected when is it right to do it?
Submitted by lorena gonzalez
I would like to see researches or any information done on error corrections based especially audilingual approach and transformative generative grammar.
Shoud the students be corrected when they make mistakes?
Who or when should correct students when they make mistakes?
Submitted by lorena gonzalez
I would like to see more sites aimed at teaching adults.
Submitted by Allison Cikowski
Teaching English To Children : An Activity -Based Approach
Submitted by Mahnaz Saeidi
Technical English : Exercises and advice about teaching technicians and engineers.
Submitted by John in France
I'd like to see more ESP web sites.
I'd like to see a site with lots of dialogues.
It would be great to have short class plays/dialogues.
For children and teenagers.

I want to know about references
Submitted by Thalia
A site dealing specifically with English for Academic Purposes. Teaching ideas, tips, materials (authentic texts), study skills, lesson plans etc etc. Suitable for students currently studying at uni or F.E colleges in the U.K. or on university preparation courses in the UK.
Submitted by Cath Lanyon
The majority of ESL related sites seem to focus on beginners. English is still a second language for me although I've been studying it for 15 years. There's room for improvement, there will always be, but I am having a hard time finding advanced exercises. Exercises for native speakers do help but at this point, it's not grammar I need to work on it's vocabulary and everyday expressions. The words I need come easily to mind but I still find myself translating french expressions literally.

I've found sites for report card writing with a list of comments but to date haven't found anything for ESL evaluations. Anyone know of a site?
Submitted by Tricia G
There are a lot of "ideas" to help ESL educators, but I need actual exercises that can be used in the classroom. I'm working with native Spanish speaking adults and teenagers that simply are unable to pronounce or hear the subtle sounds in English that don't exist in Spanish. I need pronunciation exercises, suggestions, recommendations...anything!
Submitted by Leslie Crain
I would like to read more articles on 'using authentic texts as supplement to text books to develop reading skills and the benefits of using authentic materials in ESL classroom'. I would be very grateful if you could send me copies of it or to inform me where exactly I could get hold of them. Thank you!
Submitted by Shaghila Subhash
Information regarding programs that are just for beginning speaking students. I know there are a few here in the U.S.A., and I need information in references to this concept. I want to see if we can develop such a program here in my local school district.
Submitted by S.M. from Ohio
Definitive list of English schools in Latin America, including websites. I have been trying to find this information for about a week, working about 10 hours a day!
Submitted by Jenny Brown
I am having concerns about "special needs" in the ESL child.
How do we distinguish a learning difficulty when there already exists a language concern? Are there special needs techniques or indicators that ESL teachers could employ?
I would appreciate any links to these topics.
Thank you
Submitted by MargK
I'm looking for games, songs..., other things to teach very young children (from 3-6 years old)!
Submitted by Iris
I would like to see more about language puzzles and mystries
Submitted by lazar khaled
Note: Try Interesting Things for ESL Students.
Submitted by Thu Thao Nguyen
I really like British and American folksongs but sometimes I find it difficult to have access to lyrics or sound tracks. It would be nice to find something of the kind.
Submitted by Raffaella
Note from I-TESL-J: Though not designed for ESL, there are many folk song lyrices here:
I would be eager to see more web pages about teaching English pronunication, especially intonation.
Submitted by Janet Dong
Well, it DOES exist, but I've exhausted the site. I'm looking for an ESL/EFL conversation question site. I'd certainly be able to use more topics and questions.
Submitted by Cindy
I would like to see an ESL/EFL Website for Teacher Project Development. Oranizing and managing the project.
Submitted by Anatoly Lesnyak from Russia, Eastern-Siberia
I would like someone or some people to develope a site that links students doing MA / PhD level TESL / TEFL studies to share ideas on how best to carry them out.
Submitted by Tesfay S.
Information on how to conduct an interview with a prospective student, child or adult, to best evaluate his/her ESL level.
I would like to see ESL games for dyslexic learners.

I'd like to see something about reading difficulties and since there is such a wide range of reading difficulties, it would be great to visit a site which elaborates on the various kind with advise on tackling them. If you know of any sites even for teaching dyslexic children, please let me know at I am a teacher in Pakistan where resources are limited as compared to the west.
Submitted by Faryal
English for Police Personnel
Submitted by T.S.
Stuff related more towards ESOL and the needs/interests/perspectives of refugees and other disadvantaged groups - assumptions that Ss have cars, jobs holidays and have western approaches beliefs and assumptions etc make materials unsuitable for us. We are usually working with limited material resources but with extremely rich human resources in our students, who are very thoughtful and brave people with a richness of experience that has to be experienced to be believed. If you see what i mean. I would very much love to be involved in developing this, although i am pretty busy until august and i have never done any web design.
Submitted by melissa worth
A web site to help people like myself obtain the necessary tools to teach ESL, internationally and Nationally.
Submitted by Deb
It would be nice to see a website that has information regarding the ways educators are working to improve ESL programs during early years of schooling. As a person working towards a teaching certificate, I am interested in knowing how to relate to students who have difficulty mastering class content, much less simply communicating with their peers and teachers.

I'm looking for ANY materials (esp. WWW sites) that could help me to design Internet activities for 12-year-old students of English (elementary level). I would appreciate ANY help since I am a trainee teacher and have no experience in this field. Thanx in advance for your respond!
Submitted by Tomasz Janyszka, Poland
I am a Computer Teacher to Japanese children. The class is done in English. I would love to see a page made for ESL teachers like myself. I might be the only one out here...
Submitted by Melissa Blakeslee
It would be nice to have a site that has strategies for teaching reading to adults.
Submitted by Nancy Spain
It might be on the site already, but I would like to see a page devoted to handouts teachers use. Some are quite good and many can be used in different places for different projects.

I am an English teacher in a university and want to look for the research papers concerning cross-culture communication,linguistics and so on.Your reply as to the related web-site will be highly appreciated.
Submitted by canwang
Information on adult ESL programs, or programs for the parents of ESL students.
Submitted by Dana Cuevas
Can anyone help with a site which provides information for teachers following the part time DELTA course?

I'd also like to see a site for managers and owners of language schools and a site that deals with safety regulations for homestay providers
Submitted by Jane
I'd like a site for managers or owners of language schools.
Submitted by julie
I tutor 11 year olds who have been in English schools for 3-5 years. They are quite fluent, but still have gaps that show up in writing, and are not doing that well in school generally. I'd love to see suggestions about the best uses of 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions, as I've discovered that careful teaching does not necessarily mean they are learning!
Submitted by csteph
I would like to see ESL lessons that cover physical labor vocubalary and related safety issues. I haven't been able to find any Spanish/English lesson/teacher on vocabulary realted to garbage men, construction workers, farm laborers, and other similar grueling work.
Submitted by Josephine Valencia
A review/overview of legal issues surrounding ESL--specifically policy on education status of children of illegal immigrants

Also possible fact sheets or links to this info on the web in English and other languages (esp. Spanish
Submitted by Betsy Lee
I'd like to see some ideas on One-to-One Teaching. It's really difficult to give private lessons.
Submitted by Su Esmen
I would very much like to see lessons, lesson plans and teaching techniques geared towards teaching children from the age of 3 and up. Adapting techniques intended for older learners is almost futile as a lot of this focuses on reading and writing comprehension. A site with suggestions or teaching ideas for this age group (other than musical activities) would be great.
Submitted by Dee Ryan
I'd like to see an ESL web site for K-3 or K-5 teachers (that's what I am). It's time consuming to wade through all the materials for older students looking for appropriate materials for this population.
Submitted by Monica Ballard
I would like to see web sites about using a computer as an assist tool in ESL/EFL writing class - maybe about how to use it, teaching techniques of using, creative ideas to create tasks for students to write with computers. Also, web sites about research outcomes in writing with computer in ESL/EFL classroom.
Submitted by Kobkhan Gubtapol
I would like to see worksheets on a webpage that can help me teach english easier. I am really interested in that!
Submitted by Juli
I'd like to see major publishers put teaching plans online. I'm sure the authors get many ideas on how to use their own materials which they did not include in the teacher's manual at the time the manual was published.

I'd like to see a site listing where to buy realia for EFL classes - things like plastic money, plastic food, etc. I find it difficult to find things like this. I have only found things in toy stores and they are often too childlike.

How about a site with words to all the public domain folk songs that English speakers like to sing? It would also be nice if there were vocabulary lists and lessons developed for each song.
Submitted by Roy Fuller
I wish there were a site that gave a list of writing topics. Then with each topic gave a list of questions that students could consider to help them write on any given topic.
Submitted by William Walker
There seem to be no sites that focus on vocabulary building. What is needed is a site that has all the vocabulary needed for the TOEFL test with definitions, sentence examples and maybe some quizzes. Other levels would be good, too. (ie. English for High School Students)
I'd like to see some sites written in easier-than-normal English on varous topics of interest to my students. Some possible site titles would be: "Animals (in Easy English)", "American Culture (in Easy English)", "Food (in Easy English)". These sites could include comprehension questions on separate pages which the teacher could download, print out and have the students answer. However, even without such questions, these sites would be useful, I think. My guess is that such sites would also be highly accessed by native speaker children.
A useful site would be a site with photos of American road signs, billboards, storefronts, etc. It seems that anyone living in America with a digital camera could easily put together such a site. Students studying survival English outside America could easily use such a site to learn to read English in context. A similar site in England or Australia would be good, too.
Submitted by Charles Kelly
There seem to be some "complete grammar handbook" sites for native speakers of English. What I'd like to find is this kind of site designed for EFL students.
I'd like to find a site that has dialogues which can be printed for use in the classroom. Such a site could have the dialogues sorted by topic, level and grammar points which are covered. Teachers would be able to find dialogues which would supplement dialogues found in the classroom textbook.
I would like to see a web site that focuses on all the minimal pairs using RealAudio.
Editor's Note:
I would like to see a web site that offers a set of short readings with comprehension questions which I could print out and take into the classroom. Hopefully, the reading and the questions would all fit on one page. Hopefully, the readings would be sorted by level and by topic.

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