Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students
Request for Help

If you are willing to write a crossword puzzle to add to our project, please do. All acceptable puzzles (meaning probably all puzzles) will be put online.

How do I write a crossword puzzle?

Use the following software.

Where do I send it?

After generating the puzzle, email it to us.

What do I send?

If you have used Martin Holmes' program, you only need to email the "___q.htm" file (the file ending with "q.htm". However, if you have included any special instructions, you will need to also send the "___w.htm" file. or send the instructions in an email message. We have to copy and paste it into our one-page HTML version.

What happens then?

We will edit the HTML code so it matches our format, then put it online.


Don't put in too many words.
Let's try to keep the height of puzzles to less than 480 pixels so they will be usable on the maximum number of computer screens. An example of a puzzle which pushes this limit is Common Words - 2.

Puzzles which have a theme seem to be better than just a random assortment of words.
Opposites, Animals, Adjectives, Automobile Parts, etc.