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Mini Plays

Level: Medium to Difficult

The teacher makes up a little discussion which she reads or gives to a couple of children to read. E.g.

Mum: Bye, now. Be careful!
John: Yes, Mom. I will.
Mum: DonŽt forget to write.
John: No, Mom. IŽll write every day.
Mum: Call me when you get there.

And then the teacher chooses one aspect to the plays that will be improvised based on this short discussion. E.g.

"Your plays must ne about a situation where somebody is leaving away. What happens? What do you say? You have 5 minutes to practise a little play in groups of 2-5."

In five minutes the plays will be presented and some vocabulary can be marked, if you feel like it. The kids love making plays and they are pretty good in improvising incredible plays even in few minutes.

Submitted by Virpi, Finland

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