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Present Continuous Videos

Level: Any Level

I've used this activity in just about every class I've ever had, it's suitable for any age group and any level but the best thing about it is that it requires almost no preparation.

You'll need a video. I usually use Mr Bean but anything will do as long as it isn't dialogue heavy and has a lot of action.

The students will need a piece of paper and a pen. Arrange students in two rows and seat them back to back so that the video can be seen by one row (watchers) but not by the other (writers).

Explain to the watchers that they are to describe the action taking place on the screen using the present continuous, they can also describe clothing, people, anything really but try to keep the focus on the action.
The writers have to listen carefully to the watcher sitting behind them and write down as much information as they can.

Keep this going for about five or ten minutes (or as long as a Mr Bean sketch) then get them to swap chairs and play a different sketch/segment for the new row of watchers.

Put the students into two groups according to row. They must now pool their notes and create their own version of events. Good past continuous practice!

I usually get them to share their stories with the other group and then at the end let them watch both segments again and compare their version with what actually happened.

Lots of listening, speaking, writing and lots of fun.
Submitted by Vanessa P.

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