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The Grandfather

Level: Any Level

Objective : to practice the numbers.

Procedure :

Students are sit in circle. Then, they are given a number. One of them or the teacher can be the Grandfather. The game goes like this.

A : When the grandpa died, he left twenty cups of wine.

( the person who has number 20 answers :)
B : why 20 ?
A : So, how many ?
B : what about 2 ?

( the person with number 2 says : )

C : why 2 ?
B : So, how many ?
C : what about 3 ?

(and so on..)
The winner is the person who does not hesitate and make a mistake. Advanced students must play the game in English. But if you have beginners, the game can be played in the studentsŤ mother tongue ; however, numbers must be said in English. Students need to be attentive, otherwise they are asked to leave the game.
Submitted by Hermilo Gomez Hernandez - Universidad de Quintana Roo, Mexico

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