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A Conversation Idea - How Do You Kill Time?

Level: Medium

Here is a simple idea to generate chat among your students. We all know
that there are moments during the day when we have nothing to do, no plans.
For example, when you are waiting for a teacher, a friend and so on. How do
we occupy these periods of time, either mentally or physically? For

Activity A

What do you do during the TV advertisements?

Make a list of what the students say

(My students got these)

Talk to my sister
I read something, anything
I get up and do something
I go to the bathroom (!)
I change channels
I look for something to eat or read
I call a friend
I water the plants
I put on some food for the next day
I phone Pizza Hut
I put the children to bed
I brush my teeth
I unload the washing machine/put clothes on line
I rush to do the washing-up

You can also get the students to tick off the ones which they regularly do
and check the most common activities

Activity B

Ways to pass the time/occupy your mind/self when you are:

In a bus queue
Waiting at a supermarket check-out
In a doctor's waiting-room
Waiting for your boy/girlfriend on a cold day-outdoors
In a cinema/theatre, waiting for the film/play
In a traffic jam
In an airport/train station
In a lift/elevator
Getting your hair done/cut
Etc ...

Submitted by Gerard Counihan

Copyright (C) 1999 by The Internet TESL Journal