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Fly Swat

Level: Any Level

Divide your class into 2 groups.
Choose 2 ss. and ask them to go to the back part of the classroom and turn back.
Display on the blackboard 20 vocabulary words and over 10 of them paste "flies" made of cardboard paper with a piece of velcro on them.
Give both ss. a fly swatter with the other side of velcro on them.
The objective on the game is that you will say a word and ss. will turn back and run to "fly swat" the word that has the bug over it. The ss. who "kills" the fly has to spell the word and then he will score a point for his team.

With the fly swatter and the velcro flies, you can invent many different games. Try it!!!

Ive worked with 4, 5 and 6 graders and they love this game.
Submitted by Guillermo Flores Grajales

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