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Internet Movie Database

In this lesson we will learn how to use the Internet Movie Database to find out about movies.

Internet Movie Database is a site that lists over a hundred and eighty thousand (180,000) movies. You can find a specific movie by:

Movie title
Just type in a part of the title of the movie you are looking for.

Cast/Crew name
Type in the name of someone who worked on the movie.

Character name
Type in the name of any character in the movie you are looking for.

Word search
Search for a word in a specific section.

On This Day in History
Choose the day and month that you are interested in.

Recent Releases
Choose the country name to find recent releases in that country.

Search the Internet Movie Database
Here you can search for more Internet Movie Database features.

Finding a movie.

  1. First I click Internet Movie Database to get to the movie search page.

  2. I type 'Titanic' in the Movie / TV Title Search window.

  3. Then, I choose 'Movies only' in the 'Movies and TV' box and click 'GO'.

  4. There are 19 titles with the word 'Titanic'!! I click Titanic (1997) .

  5. Here is the movie that I was looking for. This page can lead me to everything I want to know about the movie 'Titanic'.

Exploring the 'Titanic' page.

On the Titanic (1997) page the director, writer and the actors are listed. You can see a 'User Rating' and 'User Comments', too. To the left of the page is a list of links to more information about the movie.
  1. First I click plot summary to read about the story.

  2. Then, I click my favorite one, goofs , to read about mistakes that were made in making the movie.

  3. I can click on filming locations to see where the filming was done.

  4. If I click external reviews and newsgroup reviews I can read about what other people think about the movie.

  5. I go back to the main details page and click the name at the top of the cast list, Leonardo DiCaprio to see the movies that he has been in.

  6. Then I click biography to find out more about Leonardo.

Exercise 1

Follow the directions and answer the questions.

Exercise 2

Start from the Search the Internet Movie Database page and find the answers to the questions.

  1. What year was the movie The Seven Samurai filmed?

  2. What actor was Kikuchiyo in the movie The Seven Samurai?

  • When was Toshiro Mifune born?

  • What was Mel Gibson's salary for Ransom?

  • What movie did Mel Gibson win an Oscar for?

  • In what country did the story of Braveheart take place?

  • In what language is the movie Shall We Dansu?

  • In 1989, what movie did Meg Ryan appear in?

  • From what team were the ghost baseball players in Field of Dreams from?

  • What movie is first on the 'Top 250' list?

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