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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Basic knowledge of translation and interpreting (Juan Antonio)
introduction to the world of translation and interpreting
multilingual online dictionary: English, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, ...

English - Norwegian Vocabulary Quiz - Car Parts (Frank DePasquale)
Multiple-choice, 25 words: fender, brakes, headlight, hubcap, air filter, ...

English - Norwegian Vocabulary Quiz - Electricity (Frank DePasquale)
Multiple-choice, 25 words: voltage, switch, electron, cable, shock,

English Rainbow
English for speakers of Vietnamese. Games, Quizzes, ...

English-Cambodian Online Dictionary (
Requires downloading and installing the (free) Ekreach V3 Khmer font.

English-Dutch Word Lists (
Basic Business Words, Check Out, In Focus, A Clockwork Orange, ...

English-Dutch Word Lists (
Scroll down the page to find the English lists.

English-Dutch Word Lists (
Various bilingual wordlists in zip archives.

English-Romanian Vocabulary Quiz - Wild Animals (Riana Stancioiu)
25 multiple-choice questions, flashcards and matching.

English-Tamil - Future Continuous Tense (HK Arun)
explanation in Tamil

English-Thai-English Online Dictionary

English-Vietnamese Dictionary
Free Vietnamese-English dictionary online

English-Vietnamese Online Dictionary
Clutter-free results with no advertising.

Flying Teachers Web Magazine - Simple English [FRAME] (
An English study blog for Swiss.

FreeLang's Font Center
Download Freeware Fonts for Various Languages.

Goethe Tests (Goethe-Verlag GmbH MuNnchen)
Bilingual fill-in-the-blank quizzes, 25 languages

Goethe Tests - Bilingual Language Tests (Goethe-Verlag)
See the test questions, click the link at the bottom of the page for the answers

Greek Words Commonly Used in the English Language (Andreas Petridis)
English words and their original Greek words. 900+ words.

Java Applet Matching Quizzes - English-Vietnamese Vocabulary (HN Trung Van Vo)
Match the Vietnamese words with the English words. Lots of quizzes.

Learn English Grammar Through Tamil (HK Arun)
This is a blog

Learn English Grammar Through Tamil (HK Arun)
Explanations of English Grammar in Tamil. - Online Bilingual Dictionaries
Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Danish, Arabic and many others.

Longdo - English-Thai Dictionary (also Japanese-Thai, German-Thai, French-Thai) (MetaMedia Technology)
Free to use, online dictionary - Arabic-English Dictionary

Online Internet dictionary of the Thai language
Over 38190 Thai words and phrases with English definitions

Project X 2002's Exercises for English [FRAME] (Koen Van Cauwenberge)
(English-Dutch) Interactive exercises on grammar, phonetic symbols, English culture ...

Seslisozluk English-Turkish Online Dictionary
A little bit cluttered with ads. At least 9 ads per page.

Tamil - English - Polite and More Polite (HK Arun)
I can do a job. / I am able to do a job.

Urdu Alphabets - Early Urdu Alphabets Learning (Asif Hisam)
Really designed to study Urdu, but maybe useful for studying English too. - PDMS English to Urdu Dictionary (Asif Hisam)
Can be browsed or searched. - English-Vietnamese-English Dictionary (Cong Chinh Nguyen)
An online English-Vietnamee-French dictionary with blinking advertising.

VOA English Lessons - New Dynamic English
in Lao and English - RealAudio Files

VOA's English USA (For Tajik Students)
Text and MP3s

Vocabulix - online free Vocabulary Trainer (Mike Josef)
Bilingual Vocabulary Trainer using these languages English - German - Spanish

Web Links to Bilingual Dictionaries
Link by University of Geneva's Translation and Interpretation Department (Chuck Anderson)
Bilingual word lists: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian
Not really good for translating sentences, but this is a fun toy to play with. - Alphabet: A-G (Maria Boyanova)
The alphabet with pictures, English words and Bulgarian equivalents. (For Kids) - Alphabet: H-N (Maria Boyanova)
The alphabet with pictures, English words and Bulgarian equivalents. (For Kids) - Alphabet: O-U (Maria Boyanova)
The alphabet with pictures, English words and Bulgarian equivalents. (For Kids) - Alphabet: V-Z (Maria Boyanova)
The alphabet with pictures, English words and Bulgarian equivalents. (For Kids) (M. Boyanova)
Hungarian-English Bilingual Website.'s English-Vietnamese Dictionary (Tinh Van)
Search results also display adjacent words. - Arabic-English Dictionary
Webster online dictionary's Online Translation
Translates up to 150 word texts. Also web pages.

z_z_English-Bosnian-English Glossaries (University of the State of New York)
Developed for use by newly arrived Bosnian speaking high school students.


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