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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

300 English Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles with Japanese Hints (Charles Kelly)
See the Japanese words, type in the English words. About 4,500 basic words.

50 Useful English Phrases (Japanese to English) (
See the Japanse meaning and read and hear the English in RealAudio

American Jokes (Munetaka Mori)
Read jokes in English, then read the translation in Japanese. This used to be at

Animals You Might See in Japan (Matching Quiz) (Charles Kelly)
3 rounds of 12 questions. Drag the Japanese word to its English equivalent.

Asahi Weekly - Weekly English Quiz
This is for Japanese who are studying English.

Asahi Weekly's Conversation (Kelly Yuzawa)
An English dialog with a Japanese translation. (RealAudio)

Baratan Word Game - (Japanse-English) [FRAME] (Flash Required)
See a Japanese word, the put the English letters in the correct order. 30 words.

Basic English Vocabulary (
You can listen to the sentences and see a Japanese translation.

Better English with Catherine Podcast (76.1 InterFM, Tokyo)
A short podcast, mostly in Japanese focusing on one English phrase per show.

Brain Food - English to Japanese Word Practice Videos
Watch online or on a video iPod

Brain Food - Japanese to English Word Practice Videos
Watch online or on a video iPod

COCET 3300 - English-Japanese Glossary: 3300 Words for Science and Technology People (
All on one page (992 KB), Right-click or option-click to download to your HD.

COCET 3300 - English-Japanese Vocabulary Practice
Online practice with Flash and MP3 files of the 3300 words for scientists.
English Blog! by b Watashino Eikaiwa English Lesson Partners
Mnemonics in Japanese to help remember English vocabulary - Japanese-English-Japanese Dictionary
Jim Breen's EDICT searched by ALISE (A Little Internet Search Engine)

Drag the Missing Words into the Blanks. [FRAME] (Flash Required)
Read the Japanese sentence and complete the English sentence.

e-Crossword (K. Yamashita)
English language crossword puzzles with hints in Japanese. (JavaScript)
Various MP3 files for listening practice, taken from BBC, VOA, etc.

EI-TANGO 3.1 (Macintosh HyperCard Stack)
Page is in Japanese. 1,155 yen shareware vocabulary study software.

Ei-Tango Quiz (English-Japanese) (Java Applet)
Multiple-choice quizzes from junior high school level up to university level.

Eigo Crossword Puzzles
English crossword puzzles with Japanese hints.

Eigo de Hanasou
For young Japanese children who want to study English. (Flash)

Eigo no Jikan Podcast
In English by a Japanese. RSS =

Eigo no Nuance de Yansu!
Podcast by a Japanese woman and sometimes an American man's voice.

EigoDaigaku's QuizTests (Some Tests Require Knowing Japanese) (Timothy Takemoto)
About 20 quizzes using Kristina Pfaff-Harris' QuizTest CGI code.

EigoDen - Listening Quizzes
Listen using RealAudio, then answer the 3 multiple-choice questions. (7 Quizzes) - Bloomberg Boot Camp
MP3 files with transcripts in English with Vocabulary in Japanese.

Eikaiwa no Okeiko - English-Japanese Multiple-choice Quiz
This requires the Shockwave plugin and a Japanese web browser.

Eitango 10,000 Words Plan
English-Japanese Study

Eitango Meijin 10,000 (Freeware for Windows)
For Japanese people studying English, so it requires reading Japanese, too

Eitango no Quiz (
Multiple-choice English-Japanese quizzes graded by CGI after each question. - English-Japanese -Antonym List
Opposites:abnormal-normal, above-below, aboveboard-underhand, abroad-at home, .. - English-Japanese -Homonym List
ad-add, ant-aunt, idle-idol, bough-bow, ... - English-Japanese -Synonym List [FRAME]
ability-faculty-talent-genius-gift, able-capable-competent, ...

English Breeze (Norito Kawana & Stuart Walker)
Low kbps MP3 files on stories of interest to Japanese people with Jpn help.

English Pronunciation Practice for Japanese Learners [FRAME] (Midori Iba, Paul Ross and Mark Sen)
Rhythm, Intonation, Contraction, Assimilation, Linking, Elision, /r/ and /l/ etc

English topic of the week
One or two paragraph readings in English. The menus are in Japanese.

English USA - Free Online English Conversation Book
In Japanese - MP3 files, Dialogs, Words and Phrases - Courtesy of VOA

English Vitamin Podder (Ruriko Yamaki)
A podcast in English by an American and a Japanese. The page is in Japanese.

English-Japanese 411 Useful Expressions
as we speak, anything but, just because, ...

English-Japanese Acronym Dictionary (C. Pulot)
Acronym - to English - to Japanese

English-Japanese Business English Dictionary Online (
Requires a Japanese font. rWlXp'

English-Japanese Dictionary of Electrical Engineering
Online browsable dictionary.

English-Japanese Glossary: Competition Law (
You can browse the list of words or use the search engine.

English-Japanese Glossary: Fumeikai Ryakugo Jiten
A list of difficult to understand abbreviations with Japanese explanations.

English-Japanese Glossary: Presentation / Resume Words (Masanori Sano)
Inc. / Foundation / Corporate History / Board of Directors / Annual Turnover, ..

English-Japanese GRE Word List (Last Updated: 12/14/2001)
Words that appear on the GRE test. Japanese definitions and example sentences.

English-Japanese Matching Quiz - Function Words (Charles Kelly)
at, ago, or, its, in, above, however, themselves, ...

English-Japanese Matching Quiz - Words on VOA's Special English Word List (Charles Kelly)
111 dozen questions. (111 rounds of 12 questions each.) Requires Flash 6 or newer.

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