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Activities for ESL Students
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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

English-Japanese Matching Quiz - Words That Often Appear on the TOEIC Test (Charles Kelly)
34 dozen questions. (34 rounds of 12 questions each.) Requires Flash 6 or newer.

English-Japanese Matching Quiz on Words Used in Current News Stories (
Click the English word, then choose the correct Japanese word. (JavaScript)

English-Japanese Ocean Dictionary (Kiyofumi Nakauchi)
A browsable glossary

English-Japanese Paralell Corpus (Asao Kojiro)
The page is in Japanese, but just enter an English word and press the button

English-Japanese Proverbs (Bonjin)
The Japanese is not direct translations of the English.

English-Japanese Visual Dictionary - Bridge Terms (Kurt McMullin)
See images with all the parts labeled. For civil engineers.

English-Japanese Vocabulary Quiz - 4480 English Words You Should Know (Charles Kelly)
Multiple-choice interactive quiz. Questions are randomly produced each time.

English-Japanese-English Cellphone Dictionary - The Ways of Heaven
This site has no advertising. このサイトへの?L??掲?レは?sいま1ん

English-Japanese-English Glossary of Stock Market Words (Nomura Shouken)
accounts payable, day trading, hedger, latent assets, wait and see, ...

Escape from Katakana Pronunciation of English (Atchan Fujii)
A podcast mostly in Japanese for students studying English

eTango - English to Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes
Multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank. CGI interaction for each question.

Excite's Dictionary - English-Japanese - Junior High School Words
The list of words. You can click to find the meanings in Japanese.

Excite's Dictionary - English-Japanese - Senior High School Words
The list of words. You can click to find the meanings in Japanese.

Excite's Dictionary - English-Japanese - University Words
The list of words. You can click to find the meanings in Japanese.

Expressions for English Converstion (Ueno)
English with Japanese translations.

Front Page [FRAME] (
English study site. All the menus and navigation is in Japanese only.

General (Common) Knowledge Quizzes (Riddles) (Yoshio Hayashi)
Read four English sentences. Click the blue link to see the answer.

Headline News in Easy English (with Japanese Help) (Ayako Ishimoto)
2 or 3 sentences a day, with Japanese definitions for difficult words.

Hokkaido University English Vocabulary List (1999 July 1)
The page is in Japanese. The lists are English.

Honbun Eitango Quiz - Japanese-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Accesses the server when checking each question, so a little bit slow.

iGoogle Gadget: English Word Study for Japanese (Charles Kelly)
Add this to your iGoogle page and get English words with Japanese meanings. - English Lessons (In Japanese) (David Moskowitz)
Free mail magazine, mini-English textbook, and 980yen CD - Greetings and Other Expressions (David Moskowitz)
10 Expressions in Japanese with English translations.

Ippatsu Eikaiwa (English Conversation) (Nao Fujishiro)
In Japanese and English. 33 brief lessons on 4 web pages.

Iryou Eigo Gakushuu Site - Dokutan (Memot Systems)
JavaScript English-Japanese Flashcards for Medical words.

Japanese vs. English: Eigo de doo iu?
Katakana English words spoken by an American man and British woman.

Japanese-English Glossary: IT Yougo Jiten (e-words) (Incept Inc., Japan)
Both searchable and browsable; English-Japanese listing is available, too.

Japanese-English Glossary: SC_House Bilingual Vocabulary JE
Sort of a bilingual thesaurus's i-English (Philip Beech)
A short weekly English-Japanese i-mode lesson for cellphones.

Jare-Maga ( - Daily Reading Practice on Computer or Cellphone (Douglas Jarrell)
The page is all in Japanese, but the 'mail magazine' is in English.

Jiji Eigo Gakushu Site - Jijitan (Memot Systems)
JavaScript English-Japanese Flashcards for words used in current news stories.

Junior High School English - Basic Sentence Examples (Shuichi Katsurada)
See examples in Japanese, guess how to say in English, then click to see.

Katakana Eitango - A Japanese-English Glossary (Yousuke Yamada)
Loan words from English into Japanese

Katakana Eitango - Loan Words in Japanese from English [FRAME] (Yousuke Yamada)
Large list of words: Katakana - English - Japanese Definition

Katakana English
Listen to Katakana, then listen to English.

Katakana Words: 4,670 English Words
Loan words in Japanese from English with Japanese definitions.

Kaz's English Jokes with Japanese Translations
Divided into categories

Kazu's Eigo Kyoshi Kiso-Chishiki
Explanations in Japanese about Grammar, Expressions, Culture, Etymology, ... - Ketai de Ei-Kai_Wa (Richard Graham)
Get a short dialogue on your cell phone. - I-Mode (English-Japanese)

Kids-Clinic-Jp - English Reading Helper (Chyuns Yun)
Put Engish in the form, then click the button. Links to an English-Japanese dict

Kodomo Asahi - Oshaberi English (Asahi Shinbun for Kids)
English for Elementary School Children in Japan. (In Japanese and English.) - English-Japanese Podcast (Devon and Ayako)
Expressions for Children

Kotowaza Collection - English-Japanese Proverbs (Yoshio Hayashi)
English proverbs with Japanese translations.

Kougyou Eigo Gakushu Site - Koutan (Memot Systems)
JavaScript English-Japanese Flashcards for Technology-related words.

KUBEE 1850 - Basic English Words List for Elementary School Students (Shin Ishikawa)
Includes: accustomed, adjust, amuse, awkward, basically, ...

Kyujiro - English-Japanese Baseball Langauge
A Subset of Eijiro English-Japnaese Data.

Let's Master Basic English Verbs (
24 lessons on 'have,' 'make,' 'take,' 'give' and 'get.'

Life Science Dictionary Reading Assistant Project (Kyoto University)
Read English web pages with links to a English-Japanese glossary.

Machigai Podcast - Talking about Errors in English that Japanese Students Make (Tim Young)
English and Japanese RSS =

MagMag - Eitango Email Magazines
In Japanese. Get emailed vocabulary lessons.

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