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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

MagMag - Juken Eigo Email Magazines
In Japanese. Get emailed lessons.

Mainichi Chokotto Listening Tokkun Podcast (In Japanese and English)
3 to 5 minutes, about 3 times a week, no wasted time with off topic chatter.

Mainichi Chotto Listening Tokkun (Podast in Japanese about English)
4 minute shows

Mainichi Weekly Podcast [FRAME]
The page is in Japanese.MP3 files about English with some Japanese talking, too.

Mark's English - One Point Eigo (Emi Okamoto)
One point lesson such as: I'm sorry for being late, Excuse me for being late.

Mayumi Ishihara's English Question Box (
Podcast in Japanese about English.
English-Japanese Wiki for flashcards.

MP3 Files: 3,300 Words for Science and Engineering Explained in Japanese (
You can put these on your iPod or other MP3 player and study on the train.

Netwaribiki's Multiple-choice Japanese-English Quizzes
Requires connecting to the server to check each question, one at a time. (Clean)

NHK's 100-go De Start! EiKaiWa (Let's Start with 100 Words) [FRAME]
Flash required. For 2nd Year Junior High School (8th grade) Students

NHK's English Conversation Page
It's mostly in Japanese. Clips from the TV show.

Nichijo Eikaiwa Video Podcast
Watch online or download the .mp4 file.

Nihongo-shoho - Vocabulary Test (Bernhard Garz)
Really for studying Japanese, but can be used to study English, too.

Nikkei Business Online - Business English Podcast (Chika Isuguro)
Explained in Japanese. RSS =

Nikkei Weekly Podcast (EigoTown)

NUFS Podcast (Nagoya University of Foreign Studie)
The weekly English podcast produced by Japanese students.

Nullarbor Press - VOA Special English Download Page
You can download MP3 or RealAudio files and the text file of the script.

O-kiraku, Junior High English - High School English
English grammar rules and examples in Japanese.

Oh, that's how you say it! (
See a Japanese sentence and various ways to translate it into English.

Olympus English School (OES) Podcast [FRAME] (Numazu, Japan)
In English and Japanese

Online Eitango 2000
Flashcards divided by level: Junior High School, High School, Entrance Test

Online Japanese-English Dictionary (Imre Szikora)
About 8,000 words

Onomatopoetic English-Japanese Dictionary (Nori-Aki Nakabayashi)
aha, ahchoo, ahoy, baa, bang, blob, chatter, chomp, choo-choo, clang, ...

Pod Dialogue (Paul Fujipod)
These are English dialogues aimed at Japanese, so there is Japanese speaking on the podcasts, too.

Portside Station Net - Useful Phrases in English (Boon Oyama)
If you fast-forward through all the Japanese speaking, even non-Japanese speakers can use this.RSS =

QQQ Eitango Quizzes (English-Japanese)
Multiple-choice questions graded by CGI after each question.

QQQ Eitango Quizzes (English-Japanese) - Cellphone Version
Multiple-choice questions graded by CGI after each question.

RNN News - Jiji Eigo Jiten
English-Japanese Word Lists in 42 Categories

Scientific American Articles in English with Japanese Translations (Nikkei Science)
Read the English on the right with the Japanese on the left.

Selamat Makan - English - Indonesian - Japanese Food Glossary (Miho)
This is part of an Indonesian cooking website in Japan.

Situation 100 Plus (
See Japanese setences, try to translate, then see the answers.

Study for High School English Exams in Japan (Bonjin)
English explained in Japanese. - eChat Podcast
In Japanese and English

TAK's English Slang Dictionary (English-Japanese)
Free online dictionary with definitions and examples (translated into Japanese.)

Tango Riki - English-Japanese Vocabulary Study (Inoue-san)
Word Quizzes. See the English word, then choose the correct Japanese Word. PHP

Tango-Riki - English-Japanese Vocabulary Study (Inoue)
Randomly-generated 10 question, 3-choice vocabulary quizzes. - English-Japanese Flashcards Online
See the Japanese word, guess the English, then see if you are correct.

The English Teacher and Learner Cooperative
Log-in, Register, Members; For Japanese learners of English.

TOEIC e no Michi (Freeware for Macintosh)
Japanese required & Text to Speech manager required. (It's on all modern Macs.)

Tokyo Gaidai - Videos of English Dialogs
The interface is in Japanese, but the videos are 100% in English.

Toshin Online - Bomber Word (High School Level English Word Game) (Requires Flash)
See an English word, put it into the bucket with the equivalent Japanese word.

Travel English - English/Japanese (
Shopping, Restaurant, Hotel, Sightseeing, Transportation, ... - Eikaiwa Podcast (William Tad Morgan)
Bilingual Japanese-English page.

V-Ken - Vocabulary Eigo Kentei - Test of English Vocabulary (
PDF Files in Japanese and English - Vocabulary Tests

Well-Known Quotations (Yoshio Hayashi)
English quotations with Japanese translations.

Word Challenge - English-Japanese Vocabulary Study (Norihito Kawana)
Approximately 500 essential words; Quia's Matching and Flashcards.

Words of Wisdom (English-Japanese) [FRAME] (Ken Okamoto)
Proverbs and famous saying English to Japanese equivalents

WordWeb Game - English-Japanese (Charles Kelly)
Click the letters in the correct order. (Requires Flash 7.) - English-Japanese-English Dictionary
Fast and relatively ad-free service from a well-known commercial dictionary. - English Study for Japanese Students (Mark MacIntyre)
English-Japanese vocabulary quizzes with English sound. Difficult words

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