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Activities for ESL Students
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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ... (Teruyo Matsuo)
Information about English and English conversation in Japanese. - Word Drill Quizzes
About 20 three-choice vocabulary quizzes (Flash required) - ESL Listening for Japan (David Moskowitz)
A website for Japanese to practice English listening skills.'s Mini-Tests (Hidehisa Fujioka)
3 CGI-graded quizzes. (Japanese-to-English) - English USA (A Conversation Course for Beginners) [FRAME] (Toshihiko Kitaoka)
Voice of America's program with Japanese help. - VOA's Special Reports [FRAME] (Toshihiko Kitaoka)
English with Japanese Translations and option to download MP3 file. - Level Check Quiz
You need to be able to read Japanese to understand the feedback. - 3-minute English Conversation Buidling
See the conversation in Japanese, try to produce it in English. (G. Hara)
Romaji Japanese so designed more for beginners of Japanese - English-Japanese Word Lists and Flashcards
Designed for Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. May not work on other browsers. - Studying English in Japanese
Apparently free if you register. See the demos on the main page. - English-Japanese Concentration Game (Francois Debargue)
Match the English word with the Japanese word in this memory game. - V-Flash Demo - English-Japanese Flashcards
Flashcards, see and listen to the English, then see Japanese and collocation English-Japanese Baseball Dictionary (Shoji Hayashi)
action pitch, agent, American League, ..., zero, zinger, zip, zone Japanese-English Baseball Dictionary (Shoji Hayashi)
aishiteiru, bou-gyo-ritsu, chokkyuu, dasha, gambare, ..., yuu-geki-shu, zannen
English-Japanese word lists and flashcards. - level1.xls - Excel File - English-to-Japanese Level 1 [FRAME]
850 pts. English words with Japanese definitions. - level2.xls - Excel File - English-to-Japanese Level 2
700 pts. English words with Japanese definitions. - level3.xls - Excel File - English-to-Japanese Level 3
550 pts. English words with Japanese definitions. - level4.xls - Excel File - English-to-Japanese Level 4
400 pts. English words with Japanese definitions. - Kore o eigo de iu to ... (Matsuo Teruyo)
Entrance, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, etc. - Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons (Mat Swading)
2 minute shows from Japanese TV. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Yaku-ni-tatanai Eikaiwa (Non-useful English Conversation) Podcast
Japanese girl and English speech synthesizer, strange things liks 'Let's English

Yasashii Tango de Eikaiwa (From Asahi Weekly) (Kelly Yuzawa)
RealAudio or WindowMediaPlayer, English with Japanese Translation.

Yasuda's CALL Blog - English Language Education (Podcast)
Experimenting with Text to Speech (synthesis) and other things.

Yon-juu-go-sai kara no Ei-Kaiwa (Akihiko Nishiguchi)
Learning English after the age of 45.

Yoshio Hayashi's English Study Web Site
Japanese-English: Proverbs, Maxims, Exams, Reading, ...

z_Eiken 1-kyuu Vocabulary Drills (Japanese-English) (Kaz Saido)
Get new multiple-choice questions every time you load this page.

z_Enlish Navi (koho)
Web links in Japanese

z_Important Expressions for Business (David Moskowitz)
12 sentence in Japanese and English.
Makes English web pages with easy English to Japanese Dictionary lookups.'s English Study (English-Japanese)
10 multiple-choice questions.

z_z_z_Yahoo Japan's English Vocabulary Quizzes
The menus are all in Japanese. 1,900 target vocabulary's Daily TOEIC Mini Test
Directions are in Japanese, but you may be able to use it even if you don't know

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