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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

* VOA's English USA (Hosted at
All the Lessons and MP3 files. No advertising, no nonsense.

Add 'VOA Special English Words' to your iGoogle page.
Personalize your iGoogle page with this handy gadget

BBC News Online: World
This is the 'low-graphics', fast-loading version.

BlackDog's Word of the Day for Kids (Suzanne Craig)
This is for native English speaking kids, so it might be good for ESL students.

CNN Transcripts
You can read what is broadcast on CNN TV.

Daily English Study iGoogle Gadget (Charles Kelly)
Put content from on your iGoogle page

Daily Page for Students of English (Charles Kelly & Lawrence Kelly)
This page changes daily and includes such things as "Proverb of the Day", "Word of the Day", and "Idiom of the Day".

Dave's ESL Cafe's Today in History
Famous people born on this day & events on this day in history.

Dear Abbey
You can read this advice column online.

Matt Ford's [FRAME]
Phrase of the day, etc.

New York Times' Word of the Day
Get a word and its definition along with an example of use from the NY Times.
Read the latest news.

NHK Radio Japan's - English Newswatch
Read English text of news.

PBS - Online NewsHour Extra: News for Students
For advanced students. This is designed for native-English-speakers.

Quotes of the Day (Michael Moncur)
Get a few quotations each day. This is designed for native English speakers.

RTHK (Hong Kong) - English News
Read the scripts that the radio announcers read on the air.

Scholastic News Zone
Top news stories written for native-English speaking school children.

SuperKids Word of the Day for 4th to 6th Graders
This may be the best 'word of the day' for ESL students

SuperKids Word of the Day for 6th to 9th Graders
The word, its definition and an example sentence. (See yesterday's word, too.)

SuperKids Word of the Day for SAT Preparation
The word, its definition and an example sentence. (See yesterday's word, too.)

The English Idioms Daily Blog
This ESL blog looks at a different English idiom every day.

Time for Kids - Now in the News (Time Magazine)
News written for native English speaking children.

VOA News in Regular English with Text and MP3 Files (for Advanced ESL Students) (Charles Kelly)
These are been reformatted to include an MP3 player and easy-to-read pages. (Craig Dodge)
I add activities almost every day for students to use to practice English. - Word of the Day (David and Mary Monk)
For very advanced students: Words like: cadge, en masse, supercilious, expropriate - Video lessons (Angel Castano)
embedded videos by various English teachers on YouTube's Slang of the Day
Definition, Examples, Etymology and Synonyms (David Mayo)
Today's Tidbits, Today's Teaser for Today, Today's Triathlon (A Quiz) - Phrasal Verb of the Day
On February 16, 2000, it was 'put off'. The page is a 'HTML-heavy' and slow.

Yahooligans' This Day in History
Learn about something that happened on this day in history.'s Hint of the Day (Dave Sperling & Dennis Oliver)
Web hints or grammar hints daily (Note: when checked in October 2007, it was not online.)


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