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Activities for ESL Students
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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Acronyms, Jargon, Abbreviations, and Rubbish (AJAR) (G. Morgan)
A very large list with definitions. (PDF files)

All Words Dot Com
Search words, hear pronunciation, see English meaning and translations.

Cliche Finder (S. Morgan Friedman)
Even rarer ones like 'Enough money to burn a wet dog.' (1996)

CMU Pronouncing Dictionary (Carnegie Mellon University)
Over 125,000 words. / North American English. - Online English-English Dictionary
No advertising to clutter up the page.

Dictionarist - Online Talking Dictionary (Ugur Catak)
An online dictionary with translations in 15 languages. Text-to-Speech synthesized voice.

Dictionary of English Slang and Colloquialisms Used in the United Kingdom (Ted Duckworth)
Jump directly to the A page.

Dictionary of English Usage from the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia
For native English speakers. Browse or search 1,600 entries. It's free to use.

Differences between British, Canadian & American Spelling (Karen Bond)
centre=centre=center; cheque=cheque=check; etc.

Differences between British, Canadian & American Vocabulary (Karen Bond)
adverts = commercial break = commercial break; edgeways=edgewise=edgewise; etc.

Ectaco Dictionaries Online [FRAME]
English to Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Farsi, French, German, ...

eLook Online Dictionary
You can search for a word or browse through all 144,000+ words. - Multilingual Online Dictionary (Andreas Schroeter)
Translate from English to 15 other languages.

Enchanted Learning's Online Picture Dictionary - A [FRAME]
aardvack, acid rain, acorn, Acrocanthosaurus, acute angle, ...

English - Turkish Dictionary
Turkish-English online dictionary

Event Information for Today (Craig J Copi)
Information for today and what events happened on this date in the past Visitor-contributed audio of pronunciation.
Some of these are much higher quality than others.

FreeLang - Freeware Bilingual Dictionary Program (Stephane Rousseau)
For Windows Only: One program, various word lists that you can use for free.

Frengly Online Translator
Just remember that computer translations are not perfect and sometimes terrible.

From Language to Language - Bilingual Online Dictionary for a Few Languages
English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Italian and Russian

G. Morgan's Abbreviation Dictionary
The main page requires JavaScript & a long time to download. Please be patient.

Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary of American English (Monroe Allen Publishers, Inc.)
See the 'Word of the Day' or search for a word.

Hutchinson Encyclopedia
It's free. You can search or browse. It's not designed for ESL.

Internet Public Library - Reference Section
"Can't Connect Error" the last time we tried. It may be OFFLINE.

JustTheWord - Find Word Combinations
justify your choice of words or suggest improvemen

Language Bob (Language Bob)
A free Firefox add-on that translates select words in your browser to English

List of Dictionaries
A large list of links to online dictionaries.

Little Explorer's Picture Dictionary
Click the letters at the top of the page, see words, pictures and definitions.

Logos - Online Children's Multi-lingual Dictionary with Pictures
See an image, the English word and its translation into many languages.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online (Pearson Education)
A dictionary for learners of English

Macmillan Online Dictionary
In British English and American English's' 3D Dictionary
A glossary with illustrations. Words related to computers and the Internet.

Memidex Online Dictionary/Thesausus
A WordNet interface

Merriam-Webster OnLine - The Language Center
Although it's a commercial site, there are many free and useful things available.

NinjaWords - A Really Fast English-English Dictionary
Searches of Wiktionary

One-Look Dictionaries
You can input the word once and then search many dictionaries for the word.

OneLook Dictionaries (Robert K Ware)
Searches through over 470 online dictionaries. Output links to those pages.

Online Dictionary of Language Terminology (Jon Steeves)
A dictionary of English grammar, etymology, and semantics terms

RhymeZone - Rhyming dictionary
Input a word and get a list of words that rhyme.

SA Online Dictionary - English-Bulgarian (Stefan Angelov)
Enter a word and get its translation.

The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

The King's English (By H.W. Fowler 1908) (Project Bartleby)
A grammar book written in 1908 for native English speakers.

The Rap Dictionary [FRAME] (Patrick Atoon)
Information on hip-hop slang or artists.

The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus (Robert Parks)
An ARTFL Project

Turkish English Online Dictionary 600,000 words and idioms
Largest turkish english online dictionary with hear word and double-click option - 's Word Checker (Adam King & Richard Flynn)
Check a word's grammar and usage. (Lots of advertisements.) - Glossary of English Grammar Terms (Adam King & Richard Flynn)
Words such as: accent, acronym, acrostic, active, adjunct, affix, ...

Vancouver Webpages - Synonym Dictionary
generates copyright-free lists of English synonyms for a search engine.
picture to words, to audio. (lots of advertisting)

VLC Net Dictionary (Chris Greaves)
No nonsense, fast dictionary with no advertising.

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