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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

* Interesting Things for ESL Students - Main Page (Charles Kelly and Lawrence Kelly)
A fun study site. Slang, proverbs, anagrams, quizzes, activities and more.

Action Maze - Petty Theft
A text-only 'adventure game' for higher-level students.

Anagrams - Body Parts
12 words

Concentration Games for ESL Students (Charles Kelly)
Java games using vocabulary lists such as 'animals' and 'jobs'.

Crosswords and Word Searches for Young Children (Sandra Kemsley)
birds, family, school, vacation places, days of the week, bear, pet sounds, ...

Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams (Charles Kelly & Lawrence Kelly)
An anagram is a word made by using letters of another word in a different order. Over 600 anagrams presented in a quiz format.

Free, Fast & Fun IQ Test (Edg Duveyoung)
It's quick, makes you laugh, and immediately gives a score!

Grammar Gorillas at
A game to practice identifying parts of speech. Designed for native English speaking children.

Harry Potter Cards (Chris Yukna)
Harry Potter Game, Critical and Indispensable Rules:Actually you make them up! I

John`s ESL Community - Fun Zone (John Erskin)
Never Ending Story, Hangman Games, Madlibs, Crosswords, Applets, ...

Jumble Puzzles for ESL Students (Charles Kelly)
Java 'scrambled word' puzzles using vocabulary such as 'animals' and 'jobs'.

KidsCom - Animals of the World
Requires Netscape.

Merriam-Webster's Word Puzzles
Word puzzles designed for native English speakers, so maybe too difficult. JAVA is required.

OM Games - Crossword Puzzles & Activities (Orlando Moure)
Fill in the blanks, click the link to show the page with answers, check answers.

PEELC - Christmas Word Search Puzzle (Michael J. Brown)
Find words like Christmas, tinsel, carols, decorations, presents, holly, ....

Rob Rodgers' English Corner
Quiz, Puzzles, Games, ...
English vocabulary word puzzles, crossword puzzles, ...

TaiwanEnglish ESL Classroom Games Database
Database of classroom games

TaiwanEnglish.comh - ESL Classroom Games Database
These games should work outside Taiwan, too.

The Apartment: Introduction to the Game (Jim Duber)
A game which requires Shockwave. About 100Kb

The Enigma Device - Game Page (Mike Crick)
This requires JAVA, so be patient while the Java applet loads - Scrambled Word Puzzles (Michael Curl)
Requires Java; Animals, Countries, Movies, Artists, Elements,...

UEFAP - The Evil Landlady Action Maze (Andy Gillet)
This material is by Martin Holmes of the University of Victoria.

Wacky Web Tales (Houghton Mifflin)
"Mad Libs" These are designed for native English-speaking children.

Word P.I. (William Kendrick)
A word guessing game like Mastermind. Web-based CGI, No Java.

WordScram (William Kendrick)
A 1 to 4 player word creation game. Web-based CGI, No Java.

WOW Accounts
We are the premier provider of secured Wow accounts, supplying hundreds of satis (Selangor, Malaysia)
Word puzzle where the clues and answers are in different languages.'s Role Playing Game
A test-only RPG. (Designed for mobile phones.)
Requires Flash 3.0+, A few sample activities (Odwyer)
A few Flash games for students [FRAME] (Brian Boyd)
Maze Games, Sports, Joke of the Day, Puzzle Fun, Clip Art, ... - Phrasal Verbs Drinks Dispenser (Steve Chadwick)
To do this activity you need Shockwave installed on your computer. - Unscramble the Word (Sveta Todorov)
See scrambled letters, type in your answer, then submit the answer. (Serenson)
mad lib generator. Users may submit, so some aren't grammatically correct. - daily puzzles
English-German, English-Arabic, English-French, English-Slovak

z_zzonadigital's Accounting Anagrams (Hélder Fanha Martins)
Download this game as a ZIP file (Windows) to play it

z_zzzonadigital's Business English Hangman (Hélder Fanha Martins)
Download this game as a ZIP file (Windows) to play it

zzonadigital's Business Anagrams (Hélder Fanha Martins)
Download this game as a ZIP file (Windows) to play it

zzzonadigital's Reordering Business Texts (Hélder Fanha Martins)
Download this game as a ZIP file (Windows) to play it


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