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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

ABC, Mommy & Me (David Lumerman)
For kids or beginners. Click to make the letters say their names.

Ball Hogs
Match synonyms and antonyms. Requires the Shockwave plugin.

Ball Hogs - Antonyms and Synonyms
Opposite or similar. Click the 'Jump' button to grab the correct word.

BBC - Fetch and Spell [FRAME]
Move the dog through the maze to find the letters to spell the word.

BBC - Houses & Homes [FRAME]
Not made for language study, but may be used for vocabulary study.

BBC - Living Things [FRAME]
Not made for language study, but may be used for vocabulary study.

BBC Online - Sandcastle Quiz
Click on the vowels to complete the word. Jump to the game

BBC Online - Word Blender
Listen to words, then put the start and end of the words into the blender.

Between the Lions - Alphabet Soup (Scrambled Word Game) (
Jump to the game

Brain Pop - Anthrax
Listen and watch the 'movie' then try the quiz. Not designed for ESL.

CASALT's Flash Activities - Colours
Match the colours with their names. Drag and drop the balloons.

Cinco de Mayo Word Search Puzzle
amigo, battle, courage, French, guns, invasion, Mexican, occupation, puebla, ...

Consonant Blends (Sadlier-Oxford)
Click on the blend that begins or ends the picture.

Crazy Sentence Singer 1 (Charles Kelly)
Make sentences by clicking the buttons and listen to them being sung. (Flash)

Crazy Sentence Singer 2 (Charles Kelly)
Make sentences by clicking the buttons and listen to them being sung. (Flash)

Drag and Fill Game (SpellMaster Game) (Nellie Deutsch)
Drag the 10 words on the right into the correct sentences on the left.
Food Game, Clothes Game, Colours Game, Hangman, Animals, Prepositions

ESL Blues - Common Errors from Student Compositions (Eifion Pritchard)
Flash multiple choice quiz on common errors with feedback

ESL Blues - Flash Timed Quiz on Large Numbers (Eifion Pritchard)
Challenging test on your knowledge of high numbers. Difficult to get 10/10

ESL Blues - Past Tense Word Game (Eifion Pritchard)
Find the Past Tense Forms

ESL Blues - Quiz on Question Words (Eifion Pritchard)
Flash timed drag-and-drop quiz on question words. Beginner, pre-intermediate

ESL Blues - The Hockey Game (Eifion Pritchard)
Flash quiz on past tense irregular forms plus vocabulary recognition

ESL Blues Listening Exercise: Numbers 2 (Eifion Pritchard)
Choose the ball that corresponds to the high number that you hear

Fairground Spells (Games for English Study)
Six games: Grabber Grammar, Fruit Machine, Dodgems, Whack a Moley

Find Pair (A Flash Game) (Andrey D. Orlov)
Similar to 'Concentration' using Letters or Numbers. Downloadable, too.

Find the Word
Requires Shockwave.

Find the Words (Requires Shockwave)
Locate all 12 words related to a given topic in a 16x16 matrix of letters

Flash Hangman Games for ESL Students (Charles Kelly)
Dolch Words, Junior High School Words, High School Words, ... - Find the Words (Word Search Puzzles) (Requires Shockwave)
Animals, Colors, Capitals, Rivers, Countries, Sports, Movies, ... - Thesasurus Tangle (Requires Shockwave)
See a word, unscramble its synonym. For advanced students. - Topic Tangle (Requires Shockwave)
See a phrase, unscramble the word for the topic. For advanced students.

Futonge Kisito's
Scroll past all the advertising at the top of the page to find the game

Gawain's Word (Phonics: bl+ack = black, etc.) (
Jump to game.

Genki Christmas - A Song for Teaching Christmas Words to EFL Students (Richard Graham)
Except for the Japanese word 'GENKI', this would be a good song worldwide.

GRE Master (Study Vocabulary for the GRE Test) [FRAME] (Emile Alexander Dodds)
You get the definition and the first 2 letters, you type in the rest.

Halloween Word Drop Game (Online) (Charles Kelly & Larry Kelly)
pumpkin, carve, Dracula, witch, October, costume, vampire, ghost, candy, bat

Halloween Word Search Puzzle (Online) (Charles Kelly & Larry Kelly)
pumpkin, carve, Dracula, witch, October, costume, vampire, ghost, candy, bat

Help Froggy - Reading Numbers & Math (Isabel Hidalgo)
Solve basic math problems. Numbers are as words, not Arabic numbers.

How Long Do You Have to Go? (How many more years will you live?) (New Scientist)
Read and answer the questions to find out how many more years you have.

Identifying Parts of Speech - Multiple-choice Quiz [FRAME] (Brett Roberts)
Read the sentence. What is the part of speech of the CAPITALIZED word? - Alien Strip
Multiple-choice questions about idioms - English Eggs
Drag the eggs into the correct position in the sentence - Hangman - Basic
It's a hangman-type of game with an iron falling on a man's head

Jigwords Matching Quiz - Male and Female (Charles Kelly)
Match the male to the female words: girl, woman, aunt, sister, mother, ...

Job MIxer Game
Read the description, then make the picture match it.

Kumar Hangman - Know Your Countries (Flash Plugin Required) [FRAME] (
Know your countries (Developed by Kumar)

LaurenBot - DivaBot
Have fun talking with this 'artificial inteligence' speech software robot.

Letter Lasso
A variation of the 'word find' or 'word search' game (Flash)

Letter Rip Game
Click adjoining letters to form words. Requires Shockwave. A little difficult.

Letterland - Fill the gap
Shockwave game. Click the picture that uses the letters on the balloon.

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