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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

All Irregular Verbs - 150 Irregular Verbs (
With Spanish translations

Ask Miss Grammar (Helen Moody)
Plurals, Punctuation, Spelling, .... It's for native English speakers.

BBC's Skillwise
Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Listening and Vocabulary

Big Dog's Grammar - A bare bones guide to English. (Scott Fall)
Aimed at native English speakers, not ESL students

Capitalization Rules for Song Titles (Charles Kelly)
A short, concise, image-free, fast-loading page.

CE.R.E.L. - Grammar Survival Kit (Université d'Angers)
Time vs. Tense, Exmaples, Exercises, The Elements of the Verb, ...

Chalk 'n' Talk (Brian Rhodes)
Lectures on grammatical structures using QuickTime video

Conversa's English Grammar Video Series
Download and print an English lesson and watch the video (using MediaPlayer) of the class.

Countable & Non-Countable Nouns
This page and some other related pages on the website.

Daily Grammar (Bill Johanson)
See the past lessons or sign up for a daily e-mail grammar lesson. For native-English-speaking high school students. No Advertising.

David Appleyard's World of English - Grammar Glossary (David Appleyard)
Grammar Glossary, Grammar for Japan, Article Usage, Tense Usage, Irregular Verbs

Elements of Proper Grammar @
A guide for the use of proper grammar in everyday writing. (Designed for native English speakers)

English Conjunctions (Linda Bryson)
Coordinating Conjunctions, Correlative Conjunctions, and Subordinating Conjunctions

English Daily - Common English Mistakes Made by Chinese Speakers (Hon Long)
See the mistake and its correction.

English Grammar Class Videos (Using Media Player) (Gerry Thiemann)
Download the lesson plan, then view the class using MS Media Player.

English Grammar FAQ as posted to alt.usage.english (John Lawler)
Last change 12/29/96

English Langauge Center Study Zone - Grammar Materials (University of Victoria)
Parts of Speech, Regular Plural of Nouns, Count/Non-count nouns, ...

English Language Centre Website - 330 Grammar Exercises (Martin Holmes)
Created for students of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

English Verb Tenses: an Informal but Extensive Guide (Kent Uchiyama)
A free, downloadable PDF book explaining the verb tenses. Written for ESL students.'s Freee Language Lessons & EFL Exam Practice
Beginners course, Elementary Course, Intermediate course, Advanced course

ESL Blues - Animated Grammar Tutorial (Eifion Pritchard)
When to Double Final Consonants. Requires JavaScript and CSS Style Sheets and Version 4 Browsers.

ESL Blues - Animated Grammar Tutorial. Past Tense Questions. (Eifion Pritchard)
Quick-loading JavaScript animation: how to compose yes/no questions in past.

ESL Blues - Animated Grammar Tutorial: Past Tense Negative Forms (Eifion Pritchard)
Animation to show past tense negation . Requires JavaScript and CSS Style Sheets and Version 4 Browsers..

ESL Blues - Animated Grammar: Past Tense Yes/No Questions (Eifion Pritchard)
Animated tutorial without music for those without audio software. Requires level 4 browsers with CSS & JavaScript enabled

ESL Resource Center - Combining Sentences (Mark Feder)
An explanation on how English sentences are combined.

ESL Resource Center - Combining Sentences #2 (Mark Feder)
A list of words used for combining sentences. (accordingly, also, besides, ...)

ESL Resource Center - Parts of Speech (Mark Feder)
Lessons and Pop Quizzes

ESL3-6 Review (Morris Bibliowicz)
Present Tense, Prepositions, Singular, Plural, Past Tense, Time Clauses, ... - Get Your Tenses Right! (Amir Hussain Syed & Brendan Manley)
Web links to exercises on the web to help you study tenses.

Essential English Grammar Points (
Word order, verbs, dependent clauses, articles, noun groups, ...

Exploring English - Knowledge Explorer Centre (Greg Dixon)
Parts of Speech, Style Topics, Sentences, ...

Fun with Randomly-Generated Sentence (Charles Kelly)
A fun way to study English sentence patterns. Requires JavaScript.

Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives
Choosing the right adverb for the adjective.

Grammar and Style Notes (Jack Lynch)
An onlline grammar and style tutorial for native English speakers.

Grammar Bytes! (Robin L. Simmons)
For Native English Speakers: Interactive Exercises, Index of Grammar Terms, Rules for Fixing Grammar Problems, ...

Grammar Practice Worksheet: Less and Fewer (Vince Robbins)
Both of these words 'less' and 'fewer' refer to an amount or number that is ...

Grammar Practice Worksheet: Some, any and no article (Vince Robbins)
We use some with countable or uncountable nouns to refer to a relatively ...

Grammar Quizzes (Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students) (The Internet TESL Journal)
Answer the question and see the answer right away.

Grammar Slammer (James Blair)
Designed for native speakers. Style and Usage, Capitalizing, Abbreviations, ...

Grammar Workout (Empire State College)
For Native Speakers: Noun-Verb Agreement, Noun-Pronoun Agreement, etc.

Grammatical Patterns of English Sentences (K. H. Lim)
English patterns from Yu Kuang-Hsiung. Sub + Verb + Gerund, etc.

Guide to Grammar and Style (Jack Lynch)
Designed for native English speakers. It may be useful to advanced students.

Guide to Grammar and Writing (Charles Darling)
It's for native English speakers, but is good for advanced ESL students, too.

Hyper Grammar (David Megginson)
From the University of Ottawa

Indiana State University OWL - 75 Worksheets for ESL Students
Irregular Verbs, Modals Usage, Plurals and Verb Agreement, Prepositions, ...

Interactive Web Grammar-AID Program - English Language Clinic [FRAME] (Shari Nazir)
Subject Verb Agreement, Pronoun Agreement, Tense Agreement.(JavaScript Required)

Inversion (Karen Barnes)
at no time; Hardly...when; Little; No sooner...than; Not + object; Not only...but also; ...

Irregular Noun List (Pat Byrd and Tom McKlin)
ox-oxen, man-men, etc.

ISIK University's Active Lessons for Internet Explorer 6 (John Denstaedt)
Phrase Recognition, Reading Fast, Crossword Puzzles, Concentration,

John Fleming's ESL Grammar Help (John Fleming)
The Sentence, Tenses, Auxiliary Verbs, Modal Auxiliaries, Verbs, ...

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