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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ... - American Heritage® Book of English Usage (1996)
A detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word formation,... (For native speak - The Elements of Style
By William Strunk, Jr. (1918) An early grammar book for native speakers. - The King’s English
By H.W. Fowler. (1908) An early grammar book for native speakers. (Ondrej Hanak)
8 PDF files of grammar rules on the main page. Also, some exercises. - grammar (Michael Reid)
Do you know how to ask questions? - Lessons (Daniel S. Coggins/Josef Essberger)
Some lessons by Josef Essberger and links to lessons on other websites.'s Online Grammar (David Blackie)
Designed for native English speakers. (Digital Education Network / - English Grammar Online (Pahlowm, Müller & Czapla)
Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary, Tests, Study Tips, ...; Some German language on the site. - A Tense Discussion: The Past Perfect (Dmitrij Lebed)
A clear description of the Past Perfect with examples and timelines. - A Tense Discussion: The Present Continuous (Dmitrij Lebed)
A clear and thorough explanation of the Present Continuous, with timeline diagra - A Tense Discussion: The Present Perfect (Dmitrij Lebed)
A clear and thorough explanation of the Present Perfect, with timeline diagrams. - A Tense Discussion: The Present Perfect Continuous (Dmitrij Lebed)
A clear and thorough explanation of the Present Perfect Continuous, with timelin - A Tense Discussion: The Present Simple (Dmitrij Lebed)
A clear and thorough explanation of the Present Simple, with timeline diagrams. - Irregular Verbs (Dmitrij Lebed)
Elementary level list of irreg. verbs, (with links to longer lists). - Verb Conjugation Chart (Dmitrij Lebed)
Many sentences based on the phrase "drinking paint" (Verb + Noncountable Object) - BE Verb Introduction - Simple Present Tense (Kaye Mastin Mallory)
This is a chart: I am, You are, He is, ...; I am not, You aren't, ...; Am I? - Irregular Verb Chart (Kaye Mastin Mallory)
Irregular Verb Chart - Preposition Combinations Dictionary (Kaye Mastin Mallory)
Definitions, usage examples + quizzes. - Verb Tense Review (Katia Martins Pereira)
A verb tense chart and then links to quizzes on other websites - Grammar Explanations (Herwig Rothländer)
a-an / Past Tense / Conditional clauses / Plural / Present Simple / ... - English Grammar (Josef Essberger)
What is Grammar, Glossary of Grammar Terms, 8 Parts of Speech, ... - How to use the word 'Sould' (
How to use the modal auxiliary verb - How to use the word 'Would'
Would is an auxiliary verb, a modal auxiliary verb. We use ... - Common English Mistake Made by Chinese Speakers (Hon Long)
The mistake is shown, then the correct way to say it is given. - Grammar Explanations [FRAME] (Gideon Carr)
Divided into levels. (Artur Kownacki)
For ESL students focusing on the topic of the English Tenses (Learning English with Laughter Ltd.)
We have a complete line of curriculum for children, teens and adults. - Top 50 Irregular Verbs
Most Common 50 Irregular Verbs In English - Grammar Comics (Lucille Lever)
Can, Complaining Words, Wishful Thinking, Expressions of Agreement, Whether and If, ... - Pronouns (Nikolay Babin)
List of pronouns, examples, quizzes, types of pronouns, pronouns and adjectives - Grammar Explanations (Nancy Gregory)
Verb Tenses, Since & For, Used To, ... (Part of (Kisi Nzembayie)
English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises, Online learning and printable workshee (Tim Bowyer)
ESL Learners mouse over language patterms to hear them instantly spoken - Grammar Explanations and Quizzes (Woodward Chile)
A website aimed at adults and their interests - ESL Notebook [FRAME] (Rich Turner)
English Verb Tenses. Written for the more advanced student. - (Main Page) Lists of Grammar Items (S. Jones, T. McKlin, K. Vanasshce, L. Bryson)
Speling Rules, American vs. British, Verb+Preposition Combinations, ... - Irregular Verbs
by Susan Jones - Linking Verbs (Katrien Vanassche)
Types of Linking Verbs, Subject-Verb Complement, Subject-Verb Adverbial, ... (Diana Tower)
Beginners, Your Stories, Newsletter, Ask Diana, ... (Internet Studios Spain)
Grammar explanations. Also found at (Nee Chuang Chew)
A site for free online English courses and exercises. (Seonaid Beckwith)
Grammar explanations, aimed at native speakers, but useful for upper level ESL. -English Grammar Lessons (Dan Rueckert)
This presentation requires more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer - 10 Important Facts about American Verbs (C. Schandl)
For ESL students. - Free Sample Lesson (John Eyles)
Free sample from a commercial website. - Agreement or disagreement (Adolfo Bieri)
Example sentences: Affirmative (too) (so) Negative (either) (neither) - Coditionals (Types I, II and III) (Adolfo Bieri)
Conditionals with examples in English and Spanish - Determiners (Adolfo Bieri)
Translations in Spanish - They have examples too - Future Tense: Going to (Adolfo Bieri)
Examples with translations in Spanish - Imperatives for Spanish Speakers (Adolfo Bieri)
Examples with translations in Spanish

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