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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ... - Impersonal (Adolfo Bieri)
There is, There are, There was, There were, There has been, ... - Irregular Verbs (Adolfo Bieri)
Grouped both alphabetically and by phonetical similarities - Modal Verbs (Adolfo Bieri)
Modal verbs with examples and translations in Spanish - Passive Voice (Adolfo Bieri)
Examples in all tenses with translations in Spanish - Pronouns (Adolfo Bieri)
Translations in Spanish and examples - Questions (wh - tag - yes/no - etc.) (Adolfo Bieri)
Translations in Spanish - They have examples too - Reported Speech for Spanish Speakers (Adolfo Bieri)
Explanations to pass from Direct Speech to Reported Speech (with many examples) - Verb Tenses (Adolfo Bieri)
All Verb Tenses in Simple and Progressive Forms - Verbs (Adolfo Bieri)
These two verbs are conjugated in all the tenses for comparison purpose (David Slade)
100 Idioms, 25 Grammar lessons and 20 English Songs (Jeremy Stein)
6 lessons. - 12 Basic Verb Tenses (Joseph DeVeto)
walked, walk, will walk, was walking, am walking, will be walking, etc. - 200 Most Common Words in English (Joseph DeVeto)
It is said that 80% of all English sentences can be formed from these. - Asking and Answering Questons (Joseph DeVeto)
A few examples of questions: Do you like pizza? Are you from Singapore? etc. - Noun Phrases (Joseph DeVeto)
Adding detail: boy - a boy - a tall boy - a tall, slim boy - etc. (Stefan Klein)
Verb conjugation: Also, includes less common verbs such as like beseech, dwell, firm, envelope, ...

z_Common Errors in English (Paul Brians)
Not really for ESL students. The most common errors of native speakers.

z_Keiichiro's 'Misunderstanding' (English Misunderstandings by Japanese)
A Japanese businessman who lived in the USA for 4 years, explains problems.

z_Lay - Lie: Expalanation on Usage (St. Mary's Writing Center)
Explanation and a practice quiz.

z_Logos Univerval (Verb) Conjugator
Enter any English (or other language) verb and get its full conjugation.

z_Superteach-English Grammar Tutor On-line (Lindsay Lyons)
About Verbs, Subject-Verb Agreement, Sentences, Irregular Verbs, ... - Irregular Verbs Chart (David Oliver)
bend-bent-bent, beset-beset-beset, sow-sowed-sown, slit-slit-slit, ... - Irregular Verbs MP3 File (David Oliver)
By a voice synthesizer, not a native speaker:bend-bent-bent, beset-beset-beset, - Verbs (David Oliver)
Charts and explanations about tenses and so on. - The ICAL Grammar guide (Author Not Listed)
Designed for newcomers to English grammar. - An Overview of Tenses (Bibi Baxter)
Visual Aid for the Conjugation & Use of The Tenses - About English Grammar (Manjusha Nambiar)
Be careful not to accidentally click the Google Ads.'s Verb Conjugation Tool
Enter a verb infinitive, then see all the conjugations.

z_z_Verbix - Online Verb Conjugator
Put an English verb in the form, then click the 'Go' button to conjugate it.

z_z_z_Order of Adjectives / Adjective Order (Diana Campbell)
Article, Opinion, Fact (how big, how old, what color, where from, what made of) - Adjectives (Dursun Dal)
Adjectives, nouns and examples of use. - Am-is-are (Dursun Dal)
Chart: Am I? I am I'm I am not I'm not / Are you? You are. You are not. etc. - Direct Speech and Indirect Speech (Dursun Dal)
Tense change, time change, pronoun change, reporting verbs, ... - Learn English Now (Dursun Dal)
Many short pages, each with Ads by Goooogle. - Grammar Explanations (Pearson Brown)
How do you pronounce the alphabet, When do you say 'per mile' and when 'a mile'

zzz_Big Dog's Grammar (Scott Foll)
A bare bones guide to English with self tests. (Mainly for native speakers.)

zzz_Quick Check Grammar Guide
From the University of Minnesota (1997)

zzz_Superteach - Free English Grammar Lesson - About Sentence Fragments (Lindsay Lyons)
Short explanation and some exercises.

zzz_Superteach - Free English Grammar Lesson - About Sentences (Lindsay Lyons)
Short explanation and some exercises.

zzz_Superteach - Free English Grammar Lesson - Verb Forms (Lindsay Lyons)
Short explanation and some exercises.

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