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American Slang
American Slang for ESL students

Animal Idioms and Expressions (
Some of these idioms are not commonly used. However some are.'s Idiom Pages
a bad sort, a bit, a bolt from the blue, a closed book, a crying shame, ...

Australian English Glossary from A to Zed
Berko, Bikies, Damper, Floater, Joey, ...

Australian Words & Phrases (Sally Lawrence)
Ankle-biter = infant; Arvo = afternoon, Croc = crocodile, etc.

Caroline Brown's English Lessons - Phrasal Verbs
Study with examples, then try the Flash quizzes.

Comenius Group's Idioms
This is only a partially functioning website located at

Common American Slang (Charles I. Kelly & Lawrence E. Kelly)
Over 280 Common American Slang Expressions in a Quiz Format

Dave's ESL Slang Page (Dave Sperling)
English slang, explanations and examples.

Dictionary of American Idioms (
Scroll past the Russian and you'll find all 8,000 idioms here all on one page.'s Animal Idioms and Expressions (Holly M. Burns)
work like ants, bark up the wrong tree, blind as a bat, (Some are rarely used.)

English Daily - American Slang Expressions (Hon Long)
See the expression, its definition and an example sentence.

English Language Idioms (Vancouver English Centre)
101 idioms with explanations and examples

Everyday English and Slang in Ireland (Gerry Coughlan)
afters = dessert; ages = long time; agro = fight; ,,,
RSS FEED: Get used to American slang by getting dayily idioms via this RSS feed

Global English Salon - Idioms (David Temple)
Color Idioms, Animal Idioms and Body Part Idioms (Windows Media Player Required)

GMAT Idiom List (Raman Virk / Sukhi Singh)
Idioms and example sentences.

Go English - Today's English Idioms (Adam Sullivan)
Get the meaning and origins of English idioms on fast-loading pages with no advertising. - Daily Idiom & Browsable Idiom Dictionary (Adam Sullivan)
After seeing the daily idiom, you can click to the next or previous idiom.

Hakan's ESL (English As a Second Language) Pages (Hakan Senturk)
An idiom quiz, a slang quiz, a 'common errors' quiz and bookstore.

Idiom Page (Dennis Oliver & Dave Sperling)
A collection of about 200 idioms

Idiom Site . Com (Over 200 English Idioms) (Eric Borgos)
1 idiom per page: absent without leave, doubting Thomas, chow down, deadline, .. (Coral Tree Media)
Search for commonly-used American idioms and slang expressions.

Idioms, Slang & Phrasal Verb Quizzes (The Internet TESL Journal)
See the answers right away. Produced by teachers around the world.

John Finley's Idioms (John Finley)
One idioms per page. Examples and uses. It's raining cats and dogs and others.

John`s ESL Community - Idioms (John Erskin)
Includes meaning and usage with an example sentence.

Learn American Idioms by Example (Hon Long)
Smell a rat, go to the dogs, fishy, for the birds, horse around, ...

Learn English with the Idioms Collection (Diego Riesco)
Idioms and set phrases along with black and white cartoons.
8,000 idioms with sentence examples.

Paint by Idioms (FunBrain.Com)
Multiple-choice questions for native English-speaking children, but OK for ESL.

Phrasal Verbs Page at Dave's ESL Cafe (Dennis Oliver & Dave Sperling)
About 180 phrasal verbs, each with a definition and an example sentence.

Slang Dictionary (by Distance Learning, Inc) @
searchable or browsable by category

Slang Dictionary (by Distance Learning, Inc) @
searchable or browsable by category

Slang uses of the word 'dog' (Ian Evans)
A page which lists all the slang, and idiomatic, uses of the word 'dog'

Some Irish Slang (Trish Loughman)
Acting the maggot, Bags, Banjaxed, Bold, Culchies, Flitters, Holliers, ... - American English Sports & Games Idioms (Jean Henry)
Sports and Games idioms for the Student of American English

The Online Slang Dictionary - A Collaborative Project (Walter Rader)
For native English speaker to use as a reference. Not for memorization.

The Phrase Finder (Gary Martin)
Browse a list of phrases: bed of roses, bee in your bonnet, dead ringer, ...

The Septic's Companion: British Slang Dictionary (Chris Rae)
A dictionary of British slang, with audio pronunciations.

Toon into Idioms (Adam Rado)
Toons and Voices or Text. Idioms illustrated with cartoons.

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang (William Denton)
Alderman, Babe, Bing, Bop, Chick, Cop, Dame, Flat, Fry, ... - A Dictionary of English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions (Adam King & Richard Flynn)
You can find one sentence per page with the idiom. No definitions - Phrasal Verb Glossary (Adam King & Richard Flynn)
The phrasal verb, its definition and a sample sentence.

Wayne Magnuson's Idioms Web Site
Mirrored web site at

Winfield College - Idiom Page
'Make ends meet' and 7 other idioms. 1 idiom per page along with an ad.
American slang, example sentences - Slang
Has 1 slang expression. Apparently changes each week. Includes advertising. - English Slang (
Slang words, with definitions, sample sentences, notes and quizzes. - Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions - A through Z (Selected)
English idioms with explanations, examples and quizzes. - Learn American Idioms (Hon Long)
Examples and definitions.

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