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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

/ - English Alphabet - American English Pronunciation
Listen and Repeat

/ - English Numbers - American English Pronunciation
Listen and Repeat: 1 to 140

ABC - Listen to the Alphabet (
American pronunciation.

Alphabet (on VNET) - Shockwave (.dcr)
Click the letters. Hear them. See how they are written. Requires Shockwave.

Alphabet - Match Printed Letters with Hand-written Letters [FRAME] (
See a printed letter, then click the hand-written letter that matches it.

Alphabet Song (
Slightly non-standard lyrics; American English (Flash)

Animated Picture Book - Opposites (Live and Learn Toys)
big/small; light/dark; day/night; happy/sad; up/down; ...

CDK's Coloring Pages (Cyndi Steinmetz)
Printable Coloring Pages

Charles Kelly's Learn a Song - Let Me Call You Sweetheart
You can listen and repeat line by line, then sing the whole song. (Flash)

Chateau Meddybemps - Fun with Letters (Writing Guide) (Jerry Jindrich)
Uses the Flash plugin to show how to write letters.

Chateau Meddybemps - Table of Contents [FRAME] (Jerry Jindrich)
Fun and Games, Beantime Stories, Parent's Guide

Children's English-learning Songs 1 (
Alphabet Song, Bear Went Over the Mountain, Old McDonald,

Children's English-learning Songs 2 (
How Are You?, I'm So Happy, BINGO, ABC, What's this?, ... (Flash)

Children's English-learning Songs 3 (
BINGO, Clap Your Hands, Hockey Pockey, Little Teapot, ...

Clifford's Confusable Letters - a & o; d & p; t & f; etc. (Requires Flash)
Drag the words to the correct box. You will hear a voice reading the word.

Clifford's Puppy Letters (Requires Flash)
Listen to the sentence, then click the letters to fill in the blank.

Color Maze (OUP)
Listen to hear the next color that you need to click (Flash)

Color Songs
Red, Yellow, Blue and Green stand up. (Flash)

Color the Aniamals (Chuck Brown)
Free pictures to print and color.

Coloring Book to Print - Animal Opposites (
small/big (mouse/whale); heavy/light (elephant/hummingbird); etc.

Colors and Reading Game for Beginner Readers (Live and Learn Toys)
The instructions are hard to read. Jump to the bottom of the page.

DLTK's Make Your Own Mini-Books - ABC
Printables that can also be used as flashcards. What begins with A, etc.

Do2Learn - What Color Are These Things?
If you can read the question, you don't really need to read the English colors.

Do2Learn - Which One is Different?
A game that doesn't really require reading the English. Just look at the images.

Dolch Word Search Puzzles to Print (Mancino Mackey)
Mutiple puzzles sorted by level. (Dolch words are recommended first words.)

Dolch Word Search Puzzles to Print (Another One) (Betsy B. Lee)
9 words in an 8 X 8 grid for the early levels, larger grids later.

Drag and Drop Fruit (OUP)
Click the fruit on the left, hear it pronounced, then drag to the left. (Flash)

Drag the Picture to the Correct Word [FRAME] (Prongo)
Requires Flash 4. hat, sit, box, bat, bed, cat. You will hear the words, too.

Easy Things for Beginners (Part of Interesting Things for ESL Students) (Charles Kelly)
Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures, Click the Letters, WordWeb, SpeedWord, ..

Eigorian - How many are there?
Requires flash. Listen to the question, then make a choice.

Eigorian - Let Me Try!
Requires flash. Listen to the question, then make a choice.

Eigorian - Miracle Men's Match
Requires flash. Which arm is longer? Which nose is longer?

Eigorian - Which do you like?
Requires flash. Listen to the question, then make a choice.

Eigorian - Who am I?
Requires flash. Can you fly? Can you swim? Can you run fast (Japanese accent)?

English Alphabet - See and Hear It (
UK English Pronunciation, Done in Flash

Food Race (OUP)
LIsten to a food word, then try to find it before you run out of time. (Flash)

FunSchool.Com - Connect the Opposites
This can be done by looking at pictures, so even if you don't know the words, ... - Animals (Requires Flash) (Richard Graham)
Listen to the English word, then click the picture of an animal. - Color Quiz (Requires Flash) (Richard Graham)
Listen to the English word then click the correct color. - How are you? (Requires Flash) (Richard Graham)
Move the mouse over the phrases to hear them: I'm hungry. I'm tired, .... - How old are you? (Requires Flash) (Richard Graham)
A song with animation and actions for the listener to mimic. - Make a Face (Requires Flash) [FRAME] (Richard Graham)
As you move the face parts, you will hear the English word. You can also click after the face is made. - Piano Game (Requires Flash) (Richard Graham)
Listen to English words, move the mouse over the keys,then guess the tune. - What's the Weaather Like? (Requires Flash) (Richard Graham)
Listen and repeat with images, then answer the question when seeing the images.

Helen Doron's Animals Game [FRAME]
Drag the word to the picture. Hear the word spoken in British English. (Flash)

Helen Doron's Clothes Game [FRAME]
Hear words (shirt, dress, ...), then click the picture. British pronunciation.

Helen Doron's Colours Game [FRAME]
Hear words (red, green, ...), then click and shoot them. (colors)

Helen Doron's Shapes Game [FRAME]
Hear the words square, rectangle, triangle, circle, etc., then shoot them.

Julia's Rainbow Corner - Counting (Kristen Craig Barber)
Click to see and hear numbers. American pronunciation.

Lalitha's Nursery Rhymes (Miriam Seshadri)
Flash animations of traditional English nursery rhymes and other activities.

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