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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Language Planet - ABC
Listen to an American man ay the alpabet as you see the letters.

Language Planet - Town Map
Click things on the map. Hear an American man and a Japanese woman speaking.

Learn a Song - B-I-N-G-O (Charles Kelly)
Listen and repeat line by line, then sing the whole song. (Flash Required)

Learn a Song - John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (Charles Kelly)
Listen and repeat line by line, then sing the whole song. (Flash Required) - Play and; Learn (Flash Required)
Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Shapes, Writing, Numbers, Colors, ...

Memory Game - Match the Upper and Lower Case Letters [FRAME] (Irina Stojanovic)
A-a, B-b, C-c, etc. Requires Shockwave. Concentration game.

Memory Game with Fruit (
Hear the furit as you click the 16 squares.

Memory Game with Numbers (
Hear the numbers as you click the 18 squares.

Nellie's English Projects - WebQuests for Lower and Middle School
Treasure hunts.

Noggin Games
Designed for native English speaking kids. Guidance from the teacher for EFL.

Number Maze (OUP)
Listen to hear the next number that you need to click (Flash)

Penmanship - Printing and Cursive (Donna Young)
Printable worksheets

Penmanship -
Tracing worksheets for each letter, manuscript and cursive

Penmanship -
Make custon handwriting worksheets easily, just enter words and click the button

Room 108 - Dolch Reading Books (John Rickey)
Very simple stories for native English speaking children.

Shin-chan Picks Fruit (
LIsten to sentences like 'Click on the apple.' (Flash)

Shinsukp's English Lessons (Flash Plugin Required)
The main page has Korean on it, but many things do not require Korean ability.

Songs for Teaching: EFL / ESL Songs and Activities (S. Ruth Harris)
Lyrics, some with sound clips. By Sara Jordan and Barbara MacArthur's English Projects and Activities
K-3 Only, Grammar, Animals, Colours, What am I, Water Trouble, Spelling, ...

The Painter's Colors [FRAME] (Isabel Hidalgo)
Drag the correct paint brush to the color words. Requires Flash. - Free Coloring Pages (Chuck Brown)
Animals, Christmas, Music, Ocean LIfe, People, Jobs, Dinosaurs, ...

Word Find Puzzle (Printable)- High Frequency Words #1 (Irina Stojanovic)
boy, girl, children, woman, people, baby, the, is

Word Find Puzzle (Printable)- High Frequency Words #2 (Irina Stojanovic)
mother, father, brother, sister, son, love, have, are, was

Word Find Puzzle (Printable)- High Frequency Words #3 (Irina Stojanovic)
dog, puppy, bear, shoes, mitten, chair, do, on, into

Word Hunt - Please find a word to describe me. (Roger Wilson)
The rabbit is ___. (happy, old, etc.) Drag the words and hear the rabbit talk. - Learning with Kat (Jack Armstrong)
Learning my ABC's, See and Say, Telling Time, Print and Trace, ... (Jack Armstrong)
Word Search, Story Book, Cartoon Corner, ...
Basic English for children. Games and puzzles. Requires Flash = Songs for Kids
Listen and see the words: My Bonnie, If You're Happy, Old MacDonald, ... - Coloring Pages (Paul Forde)
line drawings of dogs, bears, fish, people, ... - Monkey Alpahbet Coloring (Paul Forde)
Images of monkeys shaped like letters that you can color. - Uncle Edgar (Kieran McGovern)
Something always goes wrong when Uncle Edgar is around! With activities. (Zlatko Enev)
You can download a children's book called 'Ghost Forest.' Also, a free MP3 audio book read by a near-native English speaker. - English (Janet Joy)
Activities with sound for learning English (Previously (David Hand)
Lessons aimed at the beginner. Sort of an online textbook with sound files. - ABC Order (Michael Schipper)
What comes next? b, c, ___; h, i ___, etc. Requires Shockwave. - Alphabet - Click Letter to Hear [FRAME] (Michael Schipper)
Click a letter to hear its name and see a picture. Requires Flash. (Vladimir Chen)
It's free. Click the 'log in as guest' button. - The ABC Game (Only Requires Basic Browser)
Click the picture that begins with the letter shown at the top. (Samina Rafi)
Some traditional nursery rhymes for teachers to use with Kids. (Sarah Fauset)
Words with the short u vowel sound, short i vowel sounds, etc. (Ontario, Canada) - Alphabet
See the letters and listen to them spoken in American English. - Days of the Week
See the spelling (please noe, that these should really be capitalized words) and listen. - Farm Animals
See a picture and see the word written in English. - Fruits
See a picture and see the word written in English. - Numbers 1-10
See the numbers and listen to them spoken in American English. - Numbers 1-20
See the numbers and listen to them spoken in American English. - Learn the Alphabet
Listen and see the letters. (Requires Flash) - Learn to Read
Phonetc exercises in for American kids. (Requires Flash) - Make a Word using _an
Listen and look at a picture, drag and drop c, p, r or f into ___an.

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