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30 Newest Podcasts by ESL Podcasters (
You can listen to recent podcasts without needing to subscribe to many RSS feeds. = Easy Online RSS Reader for ESL Podcasts
From this page, you can easily and quickly listen to many podcasts.

Barry Bakin's ESL Podcast

BBC - Radio - Podcasts - 6 Minute English
Podcast for ELT

Bob DuCharme's International Business News for ESL
A weekly podcast spoken slowly with spaces between words.

Charles Becker's English Pronunciation Pod (Charles Becker)
Fast-forward past the first minute to hear the content.

Charles Kelly's 'Learn a Song' Podcast
MP3 files; Listen and repeat phrase by phrase, then sing the song.

Charles Kelly's Jokes in English Podcast
Read and listen to some jokes in English.

CK's Listen and Repeat Podcast (Charles Kelly)
Practice Intonation, Rhythm, Pronunciation and Other Things

Cup Of English Podcast
By an English woman living in the USA. RSS =

Daniel Beck's GTB-Cast (m4a files - not playable with some MP3 players)
Podcast for Japanese students of English

Dave Kees' podcasts for students & teachers

Diane Wallis' ESL Podcast
I teach ESL to adult immigrants in San Francisco, USA.

DynEd and VOA Podcast [FRAME]
Weekly New Dynamic English VOA Program

Eigo no Chosakubutsu Podcast (
Listen to a voice reading in (American) English. 1st part of transcript shown. (TTL Catling)
Everyday English Podcasts with text from Canada for ESL students.

ESL Lab Miami Podcasts (Kathy Biache)
RSS Feed =
English as a Second Language - Audio Files to Help You Study
RSS = (Kathy Biache)
Podcasts for ESL students around the world. (Pat Syme)
New Zealand News - RSS =

Febie's Podcast
Phonics, Rhymes, Songs

Fun English Lessons (Podcast)
Comedy by 2 Canadian Brothers

Jan Folmer's 2 GRE Words a Day Podcast
For advanced students and native English speakers

Jean Sunier's Go Fluent in the Real World Podcast

Jeff McQuillan's ESL Podcast [FRAME]
Every weekday, Monday through Friday, about 15 minutes per podcast.

Jeff McQuillan's TOEFL Podcast (Only Available in RSS)
Copy and Paste this RSS =

Jeff McQuillan's Weekly English Through Stories - RSS Feed Only
No transcripts

Jennifer Lebedev's OhMyNews ESL/EFL

John Koons' English Teacher John Show [FRAME]
Audio English Lessons, American English spoken slowly.

Kenneth Beare's
'Jazz Chants' on grammar.

Kris Fedorak's - Business English
For advanced students.

LanguageCaster - English Through Football (Damian Fitzpatrick & Damon Brewster)
Learning English through football (Andrew Grenfell)
(British) English MP3 Files Giving Examples of Vocabulary Use
RSS ==

Lori Linstruth's Better at English Podcast
Learn informal conversational English
RSS = //

Mark Kaufmann's EnglishLingQ - LearningEnglishWithTheLinguist
RSS = - Academic Vocabulary (M.S .Mcmorrow)
A podcast which features academic vocabulary and topics and New Zealand culture.

Matt Purland's English Banana Podcast
British English, Intermediate

Matt's Today in History Podcast [FRAME] (Matthew Dattilo)
Sometimes he includes the transcript, too.

Melinda Thomsen's ESL for Work Podcast
Since March 24, 2006

Nabana Podcast - Japanese Housewife in Her 40s Speaks English
About daily life (was a podcast up to June 2006)

Patrick Jackson's The Pig's Ear
An Irish storyteller tells short stories for ESL Students with 10 comprehension questions.

Peter Carter's Listen to English - Learn English
Short podcasts, 3 times weekly, in British English.

Peter Carter's
2 podcasts each week, with transcripts, notes and quizzes. British English.

Peter Travis & Fiona Joseph's - Flo-Joe Radio [FRAME]
For students studying for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Peter Travis' Splendid Speaking Podcast
Helps advanced learners of English develop speaking skills.

Robert Chartrand and Bill Pellowe's ELT Podcast
Basic Conversations and language practice for students of English.

Sam Margolis'
Short articles that you can both read and listen to.

Scott Weber's FEEL - Fun Easy English Learning Podcast [FRAME]
Introducing Yourself, etc.

Sean Banville's Breaking News English Podcast
You can listen to the MP3 and also read the text on the web site.

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