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These podcasts are aimed at native English speakers, so they are probably only interesting to advanced ESL students.

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Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

A Prairie Home Companion - News from Lake Wobegon Podcast
By the famous radio show host and comedian Garrison Keillor.

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Many Podcasts
Hours of English podcasts each week.

ABC News - Lists of Our Podcasts
Nightline, Cybershake, Daily Dish, Good Morning America Highlights, This Week, .

ABC News: Podcast : The AfterNote
News from Lake Wobegon, American RadioWorks, Marketplace Morning Report, etc.

BBC Podcast - Documentaries (UK)

BBC Podcast - Fighting Talk (UK)

BBC Podcast - From Our Own Correspondent (UK)

BBC Podcast - Today Programme (UK)

BBC Radio - List of All Podcast Feeds
15 Podcasts: The Weekender, Rumour Mill, Sportsweek, Today Programme, ...

Bloomberg Boot Camp Podcast (90 Seconds - No Ads) (Fred Fishkin)
MP3 files with transcripts. Aimed at native English speakers.

CBS News RSS Podcast Feeds
7 Podcasts: What's in the News, Entertainment Report, Weekend Roundup, ...

CNN's Podcasts (Cable News Network)
3 Podcasts: News Update, Business Update and Special Programming

Comedy Central's Video Podcasts
Advanced students of English may enjoy these.

Earth Watch Radio (Gaylord Nelson)
Downloadable MP3 and Scripts on Web or RSS = - SAT Podcasts
students teaching students

History's Greatest Love Affairs (Ed M. Kliman)
A monthly podcast

HistoryPodcast.BlogSpot.Com (Jason Watts)
Taking history off the page and putting it on the air.

Hometown Tales [FRAME] (Fitzpatrick & Minogue)
Folklore and legends aimed at native English speakers (Advanced ESL students)

ICRT FM 100 News Room - EZ News (Not so easy.)
From Taiwan

iFirstAid Podcast (First Aid Advice Online) (St.John Ambulance)
Basic Techniques

KCRW Podcasting (Santa Monica College)
Quite a few programs are available for download as MP3 files.

KPFA Podcasts
26 podcasts, mostly talk shows. Fresno, CA, USA 88.1 FM Radio

KQED Podcasts (Public Radio Shows) (Northern California, USA)
2 Podcasts: Forum (Live Call-in) & Perspectives (Commentaries)

KTVU News 2 Go Podcast (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Medical Edge Radio from Mayo Clinic
It takes a few clicks to find them, but there are daily MP3 files here.

NBC News Podcast
Daily Podcast From NBC5 (Chicago)

News Hour with Jim Lehrer [FRAME] (
A few stories per day, approx. 9-to-12 minutes each.

Newsweek On Air Podcast [FRAME]
On Mondays

Philadelphia Daily News Podcast: News, Commentaries & Music
Updated Fridays. RSS = - an audio word a day [FRAME] (Charles Hodgson)
Very fast speaking, aimed at native speakers: coffee, scapegoat, ...

Radio National's Audio Downloads - Podcasting and MP3s (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Street Stories, Science Show, Night Air, Late Night Live, All in the Mind, ...

Radio New Zealand's Podcasts
Aimed at native English speakers. Many podcasts are available.

Robert Beard's's podcast
Words that native speakers may not know.

San Francisco Chornicle's Podcasts (California, USA)
Back Story, Bay Beats, Feedback, Food for Your Ears, On Location, On the Record, ...

Science Friday - Podcast of this NPR Program

Stories to Go (Podcast or Direct Download) [FRAME]
MP3 Files of short stories

Storynory - Free MP3 Files of Children's Stories (Hugh Fraser / Natasha Lee-Lewis)
In British English. 3 Little Pigs, The Snow Queen, Hansel and Gretel, ...

The Roanoke Times Podcasts (Roanoke, VA, USA)
Inside Out; RSS =

This Is America with Dennis Wholey
Broadcast on PBS and VOA

This Week in Science (KDVS 90.3 FM - California, USA)

Today's Podcast [FRAME] (Scott Brenner)
Hopefully listeners learn an interesting word, its etymology and a context. For native speakers and maybe advanced students.

UCTV Podcasts (University of California Television)
Lectures, etc. Perhaps it is more useful to visit the webpage than to use RSS. [FRAME] (Ben Westerman)
Vocabulary study for native speakers studying for SAT, GRE, etc.

VOA's RSS Feed for Podcasts (Voice of America)
Voice of America offers programs both aimed at native speakers and with limited vocabulary for learners.

VoxPop Radio: A series of classic short stories from the public domain.
Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe

WBAL News Podcast (NBC, Channel 11) (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Weekdays 6 AM RSS =

Weekend America (Public Radio) [FRAME]
Sat. 2 hrs. RSS =

WFMU's Podcasts (Jersey City, NJ, USA) (91.1 FM)
Non-commercial, freeform radio. About 15 shows as Podcasts.

WILL AM - FM - TV (Where Central Illinois Gets Its NPR) (University of Illinois, USA)
3 Podcasts RSS Feeds: Afternoon Magazine, Focus 580 & Media Matters

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