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Our Websites

Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Seattle Learning Academy's Pronunciation Podcast

Selected MP3 Files for EFL/ESL Students (Podcast)
Short audio files with text. (Level is for Japanese university students.)

Steve Evans's Madrid Young Learners EFL Podcasts [FRAME]
Things for our students.

The ESLEXCEL Seminar @ (Miriam Snyder)
Calls for my students recorded live. RSS =

The Language Key Podcast @
Listen to a 'Business English Training' dialogue.

US Citizenship Podcast (Milpitas Adult School)
Prepare for the USCIS Citizenship Interview.

VOA's Special English Programs in a Podcast RSS Feed
You can both listen to and read these limited vocabulary broadcasts.
RSS= - Business English
Some of the website isn't in English, but the podcasts are in English
RSS = (Peter Atkinson)
For intermediate and advance learners
RSS = - Weekly Podcasts
By Andrew Best, Addison Best and Ian Lainchbury (Marshall Lee)
For native speakers of Chinese who are learning English. (No RSS Feed) - English Conversations [FRAME] (Mark White and Aaron & Hiromi Campbell)
Practical English Conversations for English Learners. (Since June 26, 2005)
Listen to sentences read by an anonymous man (from New England perhaps). = Business News in Very Slow English (Bob DuCharme)
Updated up to May 14, 2007, Words seperated by spaces
RSS = - Audio Essays
Read by a North American Female Voice
RSS = (Clive Hawkins)
Listening activities, crossword puzzles, ... - EFL Listening Practice [FRAME] (Keith Droit)
British English, cost money to get the transcript and other things. Only the podcast is free.

z_David Sconduto's Podcast

z_Richard Blum's English with the Techtutor [FRAME]
Started Oct. 30, 2005.

Zachar Zawadzki's [FRAME]
From Poland

zz - How to Add Podcasts to iTunes

zz-NOT RECENTLY UPDATED - Graham Stanley's [FRAME]
NOTE: On 2006-0515: Only 1 show dated 2005-08-29

zz-NOT RECENTLY UPDATED - Russell Stodghill's Ei Pod [FRAME]
NOTE: On 2006-05-16, only 2 shows, the most recent being 2005-09-04

zz-NOT RECENTLY UPDATED - Podcasts [FRAME] (Kevin Shepherd)
NOTE: On 2006-05-16, there were only 2 shows, the most recent being on 2005-11-11; from a commercial company

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