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Our Websites

Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

* - Forums for Students & Forums for Teachers (Dave Sperling)
Perhaps the oldest and largest message board for ESL.

B5 Notebook: Read... Write... Share... (Ted O'Neill)
A student-moderated writing and discussion site. Students choose the stories.

Dave's ESL Cafe's Chat Central (Dave Sperling)
Web-based chat for ESL students. You need to register to use it.

Dekita - Discusses ESL/ESFL Web Publishing Projects (R. Ammann, A. Campbell and B. Dieu)
Highlights webpublishing projects and promotes P2P communication.

Facebook App - Language Exchange
If you are a Facebook member, then you might like this.

French Penfriends
French and English (Louis Rocque)
to improve skills and make new friends - Inuyama Native English Teacher Program (Anthony Bianchi & Leslie Weidensee)
Chat and message board for junior high school EFL students and teachers. - Resource Center for Vietnamese Students of English (vukhoaanh)
Forums (The Language Business SL)
Language Penpals will enable you to learn languages and make friends at the same

Let's Talk Discussion Forums (Flash Required) (Jim Duber)
You can listen to other people's messages and/or leave a spoken or written message.

Linking Language Students with Skype (Eric Hagley)
This site will let you get in contact with other people who want to give their students real access to others speaking the language they are learning. - listed by
see messages posted on the '' group

Moser's ESL Area Message Board (Adriane Moser)
A message board (forum) for ESL students.

Pandora - Oddcast Bot - A.L.I.C.E.
A chat bot. Type in English and have the robot answer you. Just for fun. It's not real conversation.

Penpal - Pen-Friend Club
Find English-speaking friends around the world. 100% FREE! - Language Exchange at Penpals JPG
Find penpals and correspond in foreign language.

Prison Pen Pals by SG. Write male and female inmate pen pals.
Photo ad's of Inmates & Members, providing a place for people to come

schMOOze University's Web Page
get started with MOOing.

Students of the World [FRAME]
Penpals & information (geography, culture) about all countries of the world

The English Multiverse (Philip Benz, Lycée Astier, Aubenas)
Discussion Forums, Links & Character Portraits with the Maltese Falcon

The SL-LISTS Net (Thomas Robb)
Free discussion site by topic. For English learners & their teachers. - English Language Forum (ESL) (Adam King & Richard Flynn)
Free English language discussion forums for EFL / ESL students and teachers. - Prison Pen Pals seeking letters.
Writing prisoners from the United States via postal mail. Must be 18. - Chat (Hyun Ju Ha)
Requires Flash. Just enter a nickname and you can chat. No log-in necessary.'s Discussion Forum (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
Discuss learning strategies with successful learners. - Language Exchange Classifieds (Christoph Kuhl)
Find language exchange partners - International friends - Pepals... 100% FREE! - Language Exchange Network (Christoph Kuhl)
Find penpals. Careful! Giving your email address exposes it to spam robots. (
Community for ESL teachers and English lovers in Korea - Pako's English Forum - Practise your English (Pawel Kowalczyk)
Practise your English and find friends from around the world (David West)
A discussion bulletin board started in March 2003
Requires using cookies. - ESL Mailing List (Nikita Kovalyov)
Send and receive emails to/from other learners and teachers of English - Free ESL Mailing List (Nikita Kovalyov)
Daily email with idioms, jokes, quizzes, daily tips on how to improve English. (Ross Mason / Joe Cronin)
Bulletin Boards: General Discussion, Test Preparation, ESL Schools, Employment, ... - ESL pen pals (Robin Tim Day)
Penpal with ESL Teachers worldwide. No need to register
Discussion Forums and Online Chatting. - Discussion Forums for Students
General Discussion, Grammar, English Schools, Making Friends (Robb Corrigan)
Find epals from around the world. - Bulletin Board - ESL Program HelpLine
Discuss studying English in the United States, ... in Canada, ...., in Ireland, ... - International Pen Friends (Martine Darroux Picabea)
Provides penpals from all over the world. Also service for school classes.'s Japanese Pen Pals [FRAME]
Categories: Japan, Other Asian Countries, Africa, Europe, America, ... (Salim Larochelle)
A simple and intuitive web site to find a language exchange partner. (Princess)
Find Mailfriends from all over the World! Chat, Forum, Userbook and more!
This forum is only for students, not for teachers of English.
Requires registrating. Community of 2nd language learners. Practice via email, text chat or voice chat. - KevinsEnglishSchools Online Community (Kevin Burns)
We talk about Japanese & Western Culture and how to study languages. The Chat Rom Library (Charlie Williams)
Requires some kind of plugin. Adobe Atmosphere 3D (Phillip Rekdale)
The ESL Internet Group hosts homepages, pen-friends lists, and teachers lists. (Alex Drechsel)
search for, find and meet international penpals, penfriends and make new penpal,

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