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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ... - Pronunciation in Standard British English (Tim Bowyer)
Enter a word, get results, then pass your cursor over the word to hear it spoken - Pronunciation (Howie Hayman)
No sound files, but you can read about the mouth position and read words using the sound. - Colors (See and Hear the Words) (Jacob Richman)
American English pronunciation and spelling: colors, grey, etc. (Angel Castano)
Listen to British English pronunciation - Study Tips and Speaking Skills (Bibi Baxter)
Pronunciation Aid & General Advice - Vowels
Download RealAudio files, then 'listen and repeat' word lists. British English - The /er/ Sound: er, ur, ir (Requires Flash)
Click the words to clearly hear individual parts of the words. - Dipthong Calculator [FRAME] (Steve Chadwick)
Requires Shockwave. Practice your pronunciation. - Phonetic Calculator (Steve Chadwick)
You can click to hear some English vowel sounds. Requires Shockwave.

z_Pronunciation Symbols for Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder
A chart with pronunciation symbols and example words. - Briitish English - Phonetic Tutor (Gideon Carr)
Click to hear sounds. (Requires Flash)

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