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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Japan's Geography and Climate (Charles Kelly & Larry Kelly)
Multiple-choice Reading Comprehension, Medium, 11 questions.

Jen Burke's Grammar Quiz #1 on Sentence Types (Jen Burke)
Quiz on Sentence Types with Harry Potter Content (10 questions)

John Finley's English Quizzes (John Finley)
Prepositions, Some or Any, For or Since, Comparatives, Irregular Verbs, ...

John's ESL - Matching Quiz - As ... As ... Idioms
As old as the ... and similar phrases. Drag the correct answer to the sentence.

Lexica Language Institute English Exercises (Michael J. Jordan)
Exercises with the answer key hidden on the page. (Not intereactive, but you can see all the answers.)

Linguarama Business English Quizzes - Grammar
Questions and Responses, Adverbs of Frequency, Adverbs, Connectors, ...

Linguarama Business English Quizzes - Other Exercises
Pronunciation and Spelling, Describing Graphs, Telephone English, ...

Linguarama Business English Quizzes - Polite Language
Questions and Responses, Introductions and Greetings, Politeness/Tact, ...

Linguarama Business English Quizzes - Reading
Sales in Recessions, It Makes You Think, What are Employers Looking For?, ...

Linguarama Business English Quizzes - Themes
Quizzes sorted by Theme: Sales, Personnel, Finance, Marketing, Insurance, ...

Linguarama Business English Quizzes - Vocabulary
Outdoor Advertising, Word Partnerships, Easily Confused Words, ....'s Business Communication
Quizzes: Business Talk, Written Communication, Polite Language, Prepositions, ..

Little Brown Book - Exercise 1 - Standard American English
10 multiple-choice questions.

Maeda Juku - Verb Quiz #1 (Just ignore the Japanese.)
10 multiple-choice questions. Some questions have more than one correct answer.

Man or Woman (A Quiz on Common First Names) (Charles Kelly)
2 Choices, Medium, 129 questions, Vocabulary - Ejercicios (Menu Page)
Though the menu and titles of the pages are in Spanish, the rest is in English.

Maritime English Challenge (Tumsat)
Test your Maritime English! - 10 questions

Match Game - Beginner ESL Level (Robin Tim Day)
10 X 4 matches.

Match the Picture Quiz - Animals #1 (Sylvie Theriault)
pig, seal, horse, sheep, cat, spider, rabbit, frog, dog, duck, ...

Match the Picture Quiz - Animals #2 (Sylvie Theriault)
butterfly, octopus, lobster, cow, mouse, turtle, monkey, ...

Match the Picture Quiz - Colors (Sylvie Theriault)
blue, yellow, green, red, black, lilac, ...

Match the Picture Quiz - Things #1 (Sylvie Theriault)
umbrella, key, heart, ghost, the earth, computer, ...

Match the Picture Quiz - Things #2 (Sylvie Theriault)
speaker, lighthouse, fire, tree, tornado, water, candle, ...

Match the Picture Quiz - Things #3 (Sylvie Theriault)
sportscar, fire truck, gun, book, bicycle, plane, ...

Matching Quiz 1 (Charles Kelly)
Matching, Easy, 60 questions, Grammar/Vocabulary

Mermaid (Vera Mello)
Matching, Medium, 8 questions, Reading / Vocabulary / Cloze

Miguel's Own Resources - Vocabulary Practice - Advanced (Miguel M. Llop Díaz-Cano)
Read a definition, then enter the word chosen from the list at the top of the page.

Misuse of the Infinitives (Donna Tatsuki)
A 2-Choice Multiple-Choice Quiz, Easy, 27 questions, Grammar

Nouns Often Confused (Donna Tatsuki)
Multiple-choice - 2 Choices, Easy, 46 questions, Vocabulary

On the Contrary (John Wong)
Drag and drop. 10 questions. (This did not work properly on a Mac with Explorer 5.2)

Online Medical English Quizzes and Activities (David West)
Online medical English resources and exercises.

Opposites / Antonyms (Charles Kelly)
Type in, Easy to Medium, 87 questions, Vocabulary

Opposites Practice
13 multiple-choice questions. After answering, see your score.

Order of Adjectives Quiz #1 (Pearson Brown)
Choose 'natural' or 'not natural'

Order of Adjectives Quiz #2 (Pearson Brown)
Choose 'natural' or 'not natural'

Partyland Quiz - Newspaper Headlines (Karin M. Cintron)
difficult, matching

Patsula's Opposites Quiz #1 (Peter J. Patsula)
Drag and drop to match the 10 pairs of opposites.

Pearson Adult Education Centre - Grammar Quizzes
Adverbs, Punctuation, Prepositions, Sentence Type, .... Requires DHTML

Pearson Adult Education Centre - Vocabulary Quizzes
Vocabulary Matching, Vocabulary for GED, Requires DHTML

Periods, Question Marks & Exclamation Marks (Charles Kelly)
Editing, Easy, 11 questions, Grammar

Phonetic Symbol Quizzes (John Maidment)
Check the words which contain the sound shown.

Phrasal Verbs (Charles Kelly)
7-Choices, Medium, 67 questions, Grammar

Pick a Word Quiz (Pamela S. Robinson)
12 questions. The man will be [ hanged / hung ] at dawn. etc.

Plant or Animal - Easy Version (Charles Kelly)
2 Choices, Easy, 50 questions, Vocabulary

Playing vs Doing vs [Nothing] (Suporn Chenhansa)
Multiple-Choice, Easy, 9 Questions, Vocabulary

Plural or Singular (Christopher Yukna)
10 questions. Match the Correct Verb to the Subject

Practice for EIKEN Fifth Grade (Kevin Glenn O'Leary)
Multiple-choice - 4 Choices, Easy, 20 questions, Grammar and Vocabulary

Practice for EIKEN Fourth Grade (Kevin Glenn O'Leary)
Multiple-choice - 4 Choices, Easy, 20 questions, Grammar and Vocabulary

Prepositions (Charles Kelly)
Type in, Easy to Medium, 22 questions, Grammar

Prepositions (Vera Mello)
Multiple-choice, Easy, 25 questions, Grammar

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