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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Prepositions (Charles Kelly)
Multiple-choice, Easy to Medium, 52 questions, Grammar

Prepositions Often Confused (Donna Tatsuki)
Multiple-choice - 3 Choices, Easy, 30 questions, Vocabulary

Prepositions: At, In and On (Jack Bradshaw)
Easy quiz with 19 questions. Requires JavaScript

Problem Words in English for French Students (Roger Scupham)
Multiple-choice - 2 Choices, Medium, 19 Questions, Vocabulary

Pronouns (Charles Kelly)
Multiple-Choice, Easy, 19 questions, Grammar

Question Words (Charles Kelly)
Type in, Easy, 56 questions, Grammar

Quiz about Capitals of the World (Robin Tim Day)
20 true or false questions

Reflexive Pronouns - Myself, Yourself, etc. (Timothy Morrill)
Fill in the Blank, Medium, 21 questions, Grammar

Repeat Offenders (Christopher Yukna)
20 questions. Find the mistake.

Richard Bowles' GMAT Vocabulary Tests (Richard Bowles)
Three 20-question tests.

Room 108 - Alphabetical Order Game (Animals) (John Rickey)
Copy and paste the 3 words into alphabetical order, then click 'check.'

Sample TOEFL Exam: Section II (Christopher Yukna)
40 questions

Savino Carrella's Interactive Exercises - Cloze Quizzes on Literature (Savino Carrella)
Fill in the blanks as you read excerpts:Gulliver's Travels, Robinson Crusoe, ...

Savino Carrella's Interactive Exercises - Fables (Savino Carrella)
You must write the correct verb form for each verb in these Aesop's fables.

Savino Carrella's Interactive Exercises - Jokes (Savino Carrella)
Read the jokes and put correct words in the blanks. (Cloze)

Savino Carrella's Interactive Exercises - Mixed-up Sentences (Savino Carrella)
Scrambled sentence quizzes. Put the sentences into the correct order.

Schweizer's Quiz - Common Everyday Expressions (Jim Schweizer)
10 multiple-choice questions

Schweizer's Quiz - Countable or Uncountable (Jim Schweizer)
10 questions: apple, lettuce, juice, banana, rice, potato, yogurt, ...

Scrambled Sentences - Robotic Milking (Charles Kelly)
Read this report on using robotic technology to get milk from cows.

Similes - As [Adjective] As ... (Donna Tatsuki)
Fill In, Difficult, 99 questions, Vocabulary, Idioms

Singular, Plural or Possesive (Charles Kelly)
Multiple-Choice, Easy, 12 questions, Grammar

Speaking Verbs Quiz (Terry Stocker)
say, talk, tell of speak. 20 multiple-choice questions.

Speakspeak - Resources and Grammar exercises (Stuart Cool)
These pages gave JavaScript errors with Netscape 4.77 on a Mac.

Stock Market (ESL Grammar Quiz) (Vera Mello)
Multiple-Choice, Medium to Difficult, 10 Questions, Grammar

Study English Vocabulary with Pictures (Bernard Dupriez)
The menu isn't in English, but the quizzes are.

Subject-Verb Agreement - Difficult (Keith S. Folse)
2 Choices, Difficult, 20 Questions, Grammar

Subject-Verb Agreement - Easy (Keith S. Folse)
2 Choices, Easy, 20 Questions, Grammar

Super Quiz Machine for ESL Students (Charles Kelly)
Get a new set of randomly-chosen questions each time you visit page.

Swim, Swims, Swimming, Swam or Swum (Charles Kelly)
Multiple-choice, Medium, 70 questions, Grammar

Test Your English - Main Page
About 30 quizzes, each with about 10 questions.

Thanksgiving Quiz (Vera Mello)
Difficult, 10 Questions, Choose the correct words to complete the reading.

The Business Emporium - Funny Business (Chris Yukna)
10 multiple-choice questions - newly created business jargon

The Business Emporium - Funny Business, Son of ... (Chris Yukna)
10 multiple-choice questions - New words on the TECH/Business Horizon

The English Grammar Aquarium - Countables and Uncountables (Robert Wilson)
Multiple-choice, 12 questions, Hot Potatoes Quiz

The English Grammar Aquarium - Going To (Robert Wilson)
Shuffled Sentence, A few questions, Hot Potatoes Quiz

The English Grammar Aquarium - To Be (Robert Wilson)
Fill-in, 15 questions, Hot Potatoes Quiz

The English Grammar Aquarium - to have / have got (Robert Wilson)
Fill-in, 10 questions, Hot Potatoes Quiz

The Internet Picture Dictionary (Peter Hudson)
Acitivities for Vocabulary Building Using Images: Flashcards, Fill-in-the-blank

The Internet Picture Dictionary: English Fill-in-the-Blanks (Peter Hudson)
Type in the missing letter.

The Internet Picture Dictionary: English Flashcards (Peter Hudson)
Move your mouse pointer over a picture to see the word.

The Internet Picture Dictionary: English Straight Recall (Peter Hudson)
See the picture and type in the word.

The Internet Picture Dictionary: English Word Scramble (Peter Hudson)
See the picture, then put the letters in the correct order.

The Name Game (Thomas Robb)
Is it a man's name or is it a woman's name? Requires Javascript.

TOEFL Practice - Aside, Beside, etc.& Make, Do, etc. (Christopher Yukna)
10 questions.

TOEFL Practice - Crime and Punishment (Christopher Yukna)
10 questions. Idioms and Vocabulary from a Crime Scene

TOEFL Practice - Crime and Punishment #2 (Christopher Yukna)
10 questions. Idioms and Vocabulary from a Crime Scene

TOEFL Practice - Vocabulary (Christopher Yukna)
10 questions. Further-Farther, Fewer-Less, Later-Latter-Last, ...

TOEFL Vocabulary - Antonyms (Christopher Yukna)
10 questions. Tiny, Upgraded, Demoralize, Prone, Bedazzle, ...

TOEFL Vocabulary - Elimination (Christopher Yukna)
10 questions. Choose the word that least resembles the selected word.

TOEFL Vocabulary - Match 'em (Christopher Yukna)
20 questions. Abroad, Albeit, Drab, Relinquish, Warranted, ...

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