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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Can the English Language Survive?
A quiz on homophonous (soundalike) misuses of the English. (Really for native speakers.)

Emile's Web English - Student Activities (Emile Alexander Dodds)
Things to read, rules, quizzes, ...

English Corner Shop - Main Page (Janna Raikhman)
Activities and quizzes for ESL students, Australian context.

English Exercises Online - Main Page (Lilliam Hurst)
Crossword puzzles and quizzes. They requires a frame and JavaScript.

English on the Internet - Quizzes - Main Page
Various quizzes requiring JavaScript.

ESL Blues - Main Page (Eifion Pritchard)
Most quizzes require JavaScript. For pre-intermediate ESL students.

ESL Blues - Quick-Loading Alternative Index for Site (Eifion Pritchard)
A 5k quick-download access to ESL Blues for those on slow servers.

ESL Blues - Student Loan Blues (Eifion Pritchard)
Timed java quiz on preposition, high intermediate.

ESL Cafe's Quiz Center (Dave Sperling & Dennis Oliver)
45 CGI-graded quizzes

ESL Christmas Activities (Hosted on
X-mas activities on,,,,...

Flash Quiz for ESL Students - Swim, Swims, Swimming, Swam or Swum (Charles Kelly)
Requires using the Flash plugin (Flash 3 or newer) (Mark McCarthy)
Free online practice: Get TOEFUL Word Quiz, TOEFL Listening, CBT TOEFL Sample

Let's have a good time in Osaka
Match 5 words with 5 pictures, then click to go to the answer page.

Past Participles (Ah Syed)
20 multiple-choice questoins. See a verb, choose its past participle.

Quia Quizzes - All Activities by Title
Quizzes by Sarah Taylor, Colleen N. Sheridan, Marty Pettigrew and others

Randall's Cyber Listening Lab - Main Page (Randall S.Davis)
JavaScript self-grading listening quizzes using RealAudio and other sound files.

Syvum's English Activities for Kids (Sumit Dhar)
Vocabulary quizzes, proverbs, ... Many are free to use. Also some for sale.

Syvumbook 1 - English Language Quizzes (Sumit Dhar)
Quizzes on Nouns, Verbs, Gender, Articles, Sentence Completion, Punctuation etc. (Carey Cook)
Free vocabulary puzzles, mainly for native-speakers studying for SAT®, PSAT®, GED®, SAT® and ACT®

World of English - Online Exercises (Java Required) (David Jardine)
Multiple-choice, Logic, Shootdown, Hangman, Selection, Memory, Cloze, ... - A and AN Practicing Articles Quiz (Kaye Mastin Mallory)
Articles: A / An Quiz: Javascript and non-javascript answers. - Adjectives: Participials (Kaye Mastin Mallory)
Adjectives: Participials: -ING or -ED? - David Beckham
Reading comprehension and questions - Wicked stuff for English Language Learners (Steve Chadwick)
Requires Shockwave: Phonetic Calculator, TOEFL Practice, Diagnostic Test, Punch & Judy, ...

z_Edunet.Com's Grammar Quiz
For Advanced ESL Students

z_Quiz on Animal Idioms (Richard Side)
10 Questions. A hyperlink multiple-choice quiz

z_Test your English (
Take this test, submit the answers, results will return by email within a week.
BBC / British Council Teaching English


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