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Activities for ESL Students
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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

American Community School - Student Projects (Beirut- Lebanon)
Click here to read the letters that Santa Claus sent you. (Rita Zeinstejer)
My students in Argentina record messages in MP3 files.

Calfornia Email Project Home (Susan Gaer)
Learner Stories, Current Projects, & Completed Projects.

Enjoy a Web trip to our countries through Diana's Class of 2000! (Diana Satin)
Totally student-created website w/pictures, audio, short essays on cultures. - ESL Musings (Scott Duarte)
Audio, Video and Writing Projects Created and Edited by ESL Students

Famous Personages in Japan (Tom Robb)
Kyoto Sangyo University. Also available as a slower-to-load enhanced version

Globally Speaking (Sandy Peters)
ESL students express viewpoints on issues of global interest. (A Blog)

Graham Stanley's Barcelona Young Learners EFL Podcasts [FRAME]
Podcasts by students of the British Council in Barcelona.

Isabel's ESL Site - My Students' Writings (Isabel Perez Torres)
ES Sierra Mágina School in the province of Jaén in Spain

Kanji Names Project
Bill Pellowe's students explain the meaning of Chinese characters in names.

Kansai Gaidai University's Communicative English Musings (Scott Duarte)
Video and audio segments written, produced, filmed and edited by KGU Students

Kris Sullivan's 2005 Podcast Project
Files are WMA and not MP3

Kris Sullivan's 2006 Podcast Project
Files are also in MP3

Miho Museum - Ovation TV ArtsZone Collaboration (John F. Kennedy High School)
Multicultural dialogue between Bronx high school students with peers in Japan. (Paul McGuinness)
City College Manchester ESOL Students' Blogs, Read other ESL students' blogs.

Movies Made by Pusan National University Practical English ESL V and VI Students (Dana Hazzard)
Short movies in English made by Korean students.

Nellie's English Projects - WebQuests for High School (Nellie Deutsch)
Treasure hunts.

Ohio University's Alden Library (John McVicker)
ESL students have compiled descriptions of the library's service

Roger Drury's Students' Phrasal Verb Videos (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Students have made videos to illustrate phrasal verbs. - A Look at Bullying
ESL learners explore and write about an issue of consequence: Bullying - Spotlight on Rwanda
ESL writers take a close-up look at an issue of consequence: Genocide in Rwanda

Seigakuin Radio English Broadcast
Podcast in English by Japanese university students.

Student Projects in Technical English (Terry Wynne)
Projects from various areas of technology and science

Student Writers from the ISALC, Lewis & Clark College, Fall 1999 (Michael Krauss)
A variety of student essays:from personal narrative to research-based analysis

Tasei Girls High School Podcast
Listen to Japanese students speak in English

The Bardwell Road Centre Podcast
By English language students at St Clare's, Oxford, UK (Geoff Taylor's students)

The Last Spin (Nellie Deutsch)
A WebQuest on teenage street gangs based on Evan Hunter's The Last Spin

The Perfect Society (Nellie Deutsch)
A WebQuest on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry

The Seibo Times (Seibo Gakuen)
Requires frames. English newspaper with stories by students at a Japanese school.

The Traveling Classroom - ESL Students Give Back (Valerie Wong)
Check out the 'How to Write a Check' PowerPoint under 'Classroom Activities.'

The Write Stuff (Steve Schackne)
A page devoted to student writing

The Young Voices of the World
Essays from students around the world. Fukui Medical University, Japan

ThemeTourism.BlogSpot.Com (Graham Stanley)
Recordings made by EFL students in Spain related to different themes in tourism

Topics - An Online Magazine for Learners of English - Web-Publishing ESL Class Projects (Sandy and Thomas Peters)
Submit your class project for publication.

Web Writing by ESL Students (James Christensen)
Web pages built by ESL students at the University of Queensland, Australia - Oral Student Reviews (Arlyn Freed)
Listen to ESL students review listening pieces available on the Web. Quicktime.
By ESL students at Monash U. (Melbourne, Australia). Requires Flash and DHTML.

You Got the Point [FRAME] (Jean-Claude Breton)
a magazine written by 11th graders in France

z_Fachhochschule Esslingen - History of Telecommunications
From the drum telegraph to communications satellites (Fachhochschule Esslingen - Hochschule f¨r Technik)

z_z_Fachhochschule Esslingen - History of Computing
Computers through the ages (Fachhochschule Esslingen - Hochschule f¨r Technik)


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