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Activities for ESL Students
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Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Black History Treasure Hunt (Leslie Opp-Beckman)
Use the Internet to find the answers to these 13 questions.

English Exercises Online - Literature Safari - Jean Rhys (Lilliam Hurst)
Twelve questions for students who are studying this author and her work.

ESL WebQuests (Paula Emmert)
ESL WebQuests and suggestions for their integration in ESL curriculum.

Family Trip to London (Laurence Bernard)
WebQuest for 9th Grade in English

Internet Treasure Hunts for ESL Students
Using AltaVista, Music, Movie Industry, Museums of LA, Arizona, ...

Learn about a Talking Gorilla (Emile Dodds)
10 comprehension questions about the

Literature Web-safari - Brian Friel (Lilliam Hurst)
A series of questions for students studying the works of this author.

Miguel's Own Resources - Webquests for ESL (Miguel M. Llop Diaz-Cano)
New York, New Jersey, Weird Recipes, Treasure Island, ...

OP's WWW Scavenger Hunt (Olav Palmqvist)
For the classroom. Working with a partner, try to find the answers to these questions. (1996)

Run for Your Health (Nellie Deutsch)
A WebQuest on healthy living

Ryter's WWW Treasure Hunt (Alan Ryter)
Can you find the answer to these 5 questions?

Travelling Webquest [FRAME] (Joo Jardim Fernandes)
A trip to London for k-8 portuguese students

Treasure Hunt: A Berkeley (and beyond) Scavenger Hunt (Cliff Stevens)
You can find the answers to the following questions by clicking on the links

Why Did They Do That? (Nellie Deutsch, Liz Lutz-Tah, Jim N)
A WebQuest on the origins fo flags

WWW Activities for ESL Students (Cliff Stevens)
Scavenger Hunt and Travel Activities

z_Jrgen Wagner's Webquests (Jrgen Wagner)
online reading comprehension assignments for intermediate-level students

z_Visitor to Dubai - The Village of Huwazzit (Andy O'Gorman)
A discovery-based EFL activity involving language, numeracy, logic and research.


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