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Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

The Internet TESL Journal
Monthly Online Journal

Kelly Brothers' Website

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

* English Vocabulary Word Lists with Games, Puzzles and Quizzes (Charles Kelly & Larry Kelly)
You can play any game on this website using any word list on this website.

* - Words in Context (Springer / BMH Linguistics)
collocation, corpus, enter a word or a phrase and see how it is used.

* WebCorp - search the web for concordances
This has a clean interface with no advertising

BBC News English - Words in the News
Read, listen and learn the English in this week's stories.

Britain's Favourite Words (Karen Bond)
Discover the top ten favourite words in Britain.

Common Errors in English (Paul Brians)
Words that native English speakers frequently find confusing.

Common Usage Problems (Vicki Jones and Ann Bertoldie)
Words that native English speakers frequently find confusing.

Concordancer-Tagged Corpus (National Taiwan Normal University)
China News and Learner Data

Deutschstunden - German-English Cloze- Advanced vocabulary
First of five interactive cloze exercises (with English clues and German hints).

EAP Vocabulary: Exercises (English for Academic Purposes) (Andy Gillett)
All the words in the Academic Word List are included in these exercises

English Interactive Online (L. Caplan-Carbin)
Interactive audio, activities, quizzes, and animated grammar.

English Vocabulary Lists (Xah Lee)
3200+ words sorted into various lists: SAT words, GRE words, Writer's Words, ...

Flashcard Exchange
... (Not designed for ESL/EFL)
Use an online 'flashcard viewer' to study various 'visitor-submitted' flashcards

GMAT Vocabulary Builder (Jechul Wee)
Word lists both printable and as flashcards

GMAT Vocabulary List (Graduate Management Admission Test)
Words, definitions and sentence examples.

GRE Vocabulary Builder (Jechul Wee)
Word lists: printable, as flashcards or as automatically showing (Java) popups.
Free printable vocabulary flash cards with photographs

JLearnIt Online Bilingual Dictionary (Anthony Goubard)
Requires Java. English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hebrew and 8 more languaes.

Language Adventure - Picture Quiz
Easy. Click on the picture of the word you hear. (WAV files) - Vocabulary Pictures (Paul Selcke)
See words and pictures to learn words

LookWayUp.Com's Word Roulette (Font size a bit small.)
Every time you load the page you get a randomly selected word.

Megellan's Log - Pronunciation Pairs (Sentences Using Heteronyms) (Douglas Milburn)
We polish the Polish furniture every day. I did not object to the object. etc.

MyMentor - make your own online flashcards
Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 is required to use this website

Nick Miller's EFL/ESL Resource Material - Street & Map Terms (Nicholas E. Miller)
A list of words with definitions.

PHRASR - Write a phrase
Write anything you want and we will find images that match it.

QuiaCom - Matching Quiz - Countries and Nationalities [FRAME] (AH Syed) activity -Columns

SAT Vocabulary Builder (Jechul Wee)
Word lists: printable, as flashcards or as automatically showing (Java) popups.

The Compleat Lexical Tutor (Tom Cobb)
Test your word knowledge, Learn words at your level, Read & Listen, ...

Vocabulary - Extended Family Chart
A detailed family tree chart: paternal uncle's wife, maternal cousin, ....

Vocabulary Self-Study Quizzes (The Internet TESL Journal)
See the answers right away. Produced by teachers around the world.

Vocabulary Workshop - Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes (Carla Caglioti)
Vocabulary list, explanations and exercises

Web Concordancer (National Taiwan Normal University)
Brown Corpus, VOA News, Learner Corpus M, ...

Word Safari: vocabulary expeditions (Ruth Pettis)
For native speakers and advanced students. Expand your English vocabulary while surfing the Web - Definitions of English words (Tomasz Szynalski)
List of about 100 English words with definitions, example sentences, and pronunciation. - Don't worry about your active vocabulary (Tomasz P. Szynalski)
Why it is normal to understand more English words than you can use - -Picture Vocabulary Occupatons 1 [FRAME] (Rich McGirr)
Click picture to hear the word: accountant, bartender, businessman, butcher, ...'s English Vocabulary (Pahlowm, Müller & Czapla)
Word lists, explanations and vocabulary exercises on a variety of topics. - Insects: Their Habits and Their Names (Dmitrij Lebed)
Note: this page didn't work using Safari on a Macintosh. - user-made online flashcards
You can browse flashcards made by other users. - English Vocabulary Guide (Thomas Blackmon)
Place the cursor over the image to see and hear the word. Requires a version 6 browser. - Buildings
See pictures of vocabulary, a dialogue, crossword puzzles, dictation/spelling, . - Rooms
See pictures of vocabulary, a dialogue, crossword puzzle and jumbled words
Learn 10 words a day using bilingual word lists. An iGoogle gadget - Business Jargon
Sample dialogues and audio: To Bootstrap; Eat What You Kill, ... (Many Pop-up Ads)
Multiple choice tests that retest you over missed words until you get them right (Jan Cook)
It's for native English speakers, but if your level is high, give it a try. - A Word with You (Lawrence Paros)
For native-English speakers. Origins of words and expressions. Requires JavaScript.

z_English Bites - Common Expressions (Phrases, Idioms & Words) (ABC Asia Pacific)
above average, accepted wisdom, a chip off the old block, ...

z_Text Fun - A program for practicing reading skills
On June 8, 1999, there was only one advanced lesson: Greater Expectations

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