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Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

* Comprehensive English Vocabulary Word Lists (Charles Kelly and Larry Kelly)
Animals, Body, Buildings, Business, Calendar, Cars, Celebrations, Clothes, ...

* Large English Vocabulary Word Lists (
Ogden's Basic English Words, Top 3,000 American English Words, Top 1,000 UK English Words, ...

*'s 3,000 Words (Merriam-Webster)
You don't need to register to use this part of the website.

100 Most Commonly Used English Words (DuBois Learning Center)
This web site also has the 2nd and 3rd lists, so up to top 300 words.

300 Most Commonly Used Words (David Timmons)
100 words per page.

5000 Collegiate Words with Brief Definitions (Steve Baba)
Also perhaps useful for GRE testand TOEFL prep

AAC - Augmentative and Alternative Communication Vocabulary Lists
Not ESL, but useful. To assist people with severe communication disabilities

Academic Word List and General Service List (Sandra Haywood)
Only lists of words ... no definitions.

ACC Messaging and Vocabulary Lists (Augmentative and Alternative Commun)
AAC strategies assiste people with severe communication disabiliteis.

Alan Cooper's Homonym List
acts-ax, ad-add, aero-arrow, ....

American National Corpus Project - Word Frequency List
the, of, and, to, a, in I, that, it, is, for, you, was, with, on, as, have, but, be, they, are, at, by, ...

Antagonyms (Julie Ellis)
Words that have meanings that contradict each other - Flash Vocabulary Viewer (Barry Kinter)
Many words with images and (American) audio.

Brazilian Portuguese Sub-corpus of ICLE,The International Corpus of Learner English (Tony Berber Sardinh)
100 Most Frequent Words, 3149 Words Sorted by Frequency, etc.

Christmas Vocabulary with Pictures (Isabel Hidalgo)
angel, bell, candle, candy cane, carol, crib, elf, letter, lights, manger, ...

Christmas Word Lists with Games - Food at Christmas (Charles Kelly and Larry Kelly)
For games, see the 'Thing You Can Do with This Word List' pull-down menu.

Christmas Word Lists with Games - General Words (Charles Kelly and Larry Kelly)
For games, see the 'Thing You Can Do with This Word List' pull-down menu.

Christmas Word Lists with Games - Religious Words (Charles Kelly and Larry Kelly)
For games, see the 'Thing You Can Do with This Word List' pull-down menu.

Christmas Words (The Internet TESL Journal)
A list of vocabulary related to Christmas

Color-related Idioms (Phillip M. Eberz)
black and blue, black market, blue blood, out of the blue, gray area, ...

Common Word Roots (Cuesta College)
agri, astro,bio, cardio, geo, hydro, pod, dis-, ex-, ...

Cryptogram Stats (Scott Bryce)
Frequencies of English Letters, Common First Letters of Words, Commonn Digraphs

Cue Practice with th 1,000 Most Common Words (University of Rhode Island)
For sign language practice, but also a good list of commonly-heard words.'s Word Frequency Lists (James Burrell)
Word frequency and letter frequency (etaoin shrdlu cmfgyp wbvkxj qz), etc. - Handy Word Lists (John Flynn)
Animal words, adjectives, astrology terms, countries, girls' names, ...

Dolch Sight Word List Cards
Arranged in a useful order. PDF files.

Dolch Word List (Jan Brett)
Sight Word List Cards - Arranged in a useful order. PDF files.

Dolch Word List - Kindergarten (Leanne Guenther)
A series of flashcards that can be printed and some activity ideas. - Dictionary
pictures, audio - Kinds of Sports (Joerg Poehland)
archery, athletics, track and field, billiards, bobsleigh, bowling, boxing, ... - Opposites & Near Opposites (Joerg Poehland)
A long list in alphabetical order. - Words and Phrases Related to Jobs (Joerg Poehland)
commuter, employess, employer, to earn one's liviing, application, ... - Words Related to Sports (Joerg Poehland)
applause, beginner, centre-forward, champion, defeat, defender, ...

English Uncovered: the hundred commonest English words
Article from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary; Top 100 Words; Top 25 Nouns,

English words that often get confused (Vince Robbins)
Aimed at Native English Speakers? abdicate / abrogate; aggravate / exacerbate;

ESL Activities Online - Grammar Central - Opposites (CLTA)
Gender Opposites (girl/boy; wife/husband); Action Opposites (find/lose); etc.'s 20-minute ESL Vocabulary Lessons (Randall Davis)
See a list of words and phrases, then listen & repeat using a RealAudio File.

First Thousand Words Worksheets and Tests (TKI / Unitec)
(Free) Lists for Student Practice. 1,000 words with sentence examples.

Flocabulary Vocabulary
TOEFL / SAT vocabulary list on a commercial website. (short definitions)

Francie Alexander's Recommended Word Lists
PDF Files: Compound Words and Most Common Prefixes and Suffixes

Frank's ESL Restaurant - Word Lists (Frank DePasquale)
British and American Car Words, School Words, Hand Tools, ... - Vocabulary List for Primary students in Japan (Richard Graham)
Colours, Directions, Sports, Weather, Adjectives, Transport, ...

Gigglepotz - Words to Learn First (Sally Lawrence)
People, school, body, food, transportation, clothing, occupations, shapes, ...

GMAT Verbal - Vocabulary List (Raman Virk / Sukhi Singh)
words + meanings + example sentences.

GRE Vocabulary List (Jessica Defores)
Words, their parts of speech and definitions

GRE Word List (Downloadable List of 1200 High Frequency Words) (
You can download the list (28 Kb) or see an HTML online version. (GMAT / SAT)

GRE Word List by
abhor, dwarf, edible, jibe, levity, profuse, sponge, tadpole, vain, yarn, ...

Halloween Vocabulary with Pictures (Isabel Hidalgo)
ghost, jack o'lantern, mask, scarecrow, skeleton, spider, sweet, vampire, ...

Headwords of the Academic Word List - plain text version (Averil Coxhead)
570 words. The words only, no definitions.

Heteronyms (Julie Ellis)
Spelled identically but have different meanings when pronounced differently

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