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Quizzes, Puzzzles, ...

Heteronyms (Jon Vahsholtz)
Spelled identically but have different meanings when pronounced differently.

High Frequency Words Lists and Flashcards (Santa Maria-Bonita School District, Californi)
Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade

Homophones - Adapt and you'll be adept (Malcolm Gibson)
For native English-speaking university students. Words often misused in writing.

Idiomatic Verbs (Andrew Saulters)
Just a list, no definitions. / aim high, apply oneself, bide one's time, ...

Important Sight Words - Words for Main Starspell (Fisher-Marriott Software)
Being and Doing Words, Whereabouts Words, Words for Joining, etc.

Irregular Verb Chart (John & Sarah Brenchley)
62 irregular verbs. Japanese word equivalents are given

John`s ESL Community - Vocabulary Lists (John Erskin)
Irregular Verbs, Common Phrasal Verbs, Gerunds and Infinitives, Contractions, ...

Keiichiro's 'Janglish Word List'
English-like words in Japanese that are obstacles to communication in English.

Kevin's Word Lists Page (Kevin Atkinson)
Spell Check Oriented Word Lists, General Inflection Database,

LADL Series Vocabulary - Daily Living
Vocabulary lists for my house, my town and my school.

Linda5000/Tonoda5000 Word List (Linda Woo 1996)
To expand the JACET 4000 word list to 5000 words, I compared the list to ...

List of the top 100 English common nouns (Vince Robbins)
area, authority, body, book, business, car, case, change, child, ...

Microsoft Word Document - NCEA Full List - Family Headwords of the NCEA Word List
Written by: David Wallace

Opposites - ASL (American Sign Language) (Elaine Ernst Schneider)
ask/answer; start/finish; break/fix; buy/sell; remember/forget; ...

Orlando Moure's Weight and Length
NOTE (Warning): This page uses a computer voice. It's not a real human.

OUP's Audio Words
Numbers, Jobs, Dates, Time, Common Objects, Family, Common Adjectives, ...

Oxford 3000 Word List
by Oxford University Press

Phonetic Alphabets, Word Lists & Texts (Brian Kelk)
Check out 57000 words with frequency codes.

Preposition-Dependent Verbs and Adjectives (Ricardo Schütz)
abide by, adhere to, aim for, beg for, call for, comment on, ...

RinkWorks' Fun with Words (Samuel Stoddar)
Collective Nouns, Hetronyms, Numbers, Word Frequencies, Confused Words, ...

Rob Waring's Word Frequency Lists
Updated 2003/06/15. Various word frequency lists.

Second Start Adult LIteracy Program's Word Lists (Joyce Mende-Wong)
In PDF files. Words for Forms, Social Sight Words, Spelling Demons, Contractions

Shareware Survival English for ESL Speakers (JoEllen Perez)
A guide help those in the shareware industry. Definitions of words.

Simplified Signs Lexicon
This is not designed for ESL, but you might have fun reviewing words this way. - Vocabulary Library of Word Lists (Stuart Cool)
Useful words for Business English; sales-related, finance-related, etc.

Spotlight Radio - Specialized Word List
The word list shows the words we use in our Specialized English radio programs.

Starspell 2001 Words with Sentences
English words, each with a sample sentence. - Word Usage Examples for TOEFL Words (Wooseob Jeong)
Click a word in the left frame and see sentence examples in the right frame.

Table of American and British English Words
A fast-loading, text-only file.

The '-ism' suffix (
patriotism, heroism, Marxism, conservatism, alcoholism, dwarfism, vandalism, ...

The 1,000 Most Common Words (
This is from something called the Brown Corpus, produced in the early 1960's.

The 100 Most Used Verbs in English (John & Sarah Brenchley)
Japanese word equivalents are given

The Academic Word List (Averil Coxhead)
AWL Info, Sublists, Headwords, Most Frequet Words

The Business Emporium - Fractured Fairy Skits (Chris Yukna)
buisness role playing parts loosely based on the themes of the TOEIC TEST

The Internet Dictionary Project - Downloadable Dictionaries in TEXT form (Tyler Chambers)
English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish & Windows Software

The Most Popular First Names (Mike Campbell)
United States, England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Sweden, ...

The Top Ten Words of 2004 (Karen Bond)
What was the most frequently looked-up word in Webster's dictionary in 2004?

TOEFL Vocabulary Workshop - Vocabulary List
Words that often appear on the TOEFL with definitions.

TOEFL Words (Carla Caglioti)
The words that can easily be learned through roots, suffixes and prefixes.

Top 1,000 Words in UK English (Brian Kelk)
Based on 29 works of literature by 18 authors (4.6 million words).

Top 1,000 Words Used in TV/Movie Scripts (2006) (Wiktionary)
High frequency words: you, I, to, the, a, and, that, it, of, me, what, is, ...

Univeristy Word Lists (808 Words not on GSL) (John Bauman)
Divided into 11 levels. Level 1 starts with: alternative, analyze, ....

Visual Dictionary by Merrian-Webster - Root Vegetable [FRAME] (
See pictures, Hear pronuncation in American English, Search or Browse Others.

VOA Word Book (Hosted at
Special English Words with MP3 and Sentence Examples

VOA's Special English Vocabulary
A list of approximately 1,400 words

Vocabulary Listed by Topic (Joerg Poehland)
Family, Relatives, Jobs, Proverbs, Sports - Words Lists for SAT, GRE, TOEFL & GMAT (Alexander Moskalyuk)
Words, their parts of speech and definitions

Voice of America's Special English Word Book (Pritable Version)
The word list used by VOA's Special English Radio - with definitions

Vowels Away (Hakan Kjellerstrand)
A list of English words that match if you delete the vowels.

Wiktionary: Word Frequency List
Based on word frequency count of all the books found on Project Gutenberg.

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