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Word Bank of 1,200 High-Frequency Writing Words (Maria Hastings School)
Words that native speaking children should learn how to spell.

Word Bank of 1,200 High-Frequency Writing Words (Rebecca Sitton)
Spelling words for native speakers: the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, ...

Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English
plain text versions of the frequency lists contained in WFWSE

Word Lists: th, oo, ai, ee, qu, ie (Vanessa Ruth Jones)
Lists of words that contain the same groups of letters - Barron's GRE Word List
This is the page with the words starting with A, links to other pages at bottom. - GRE Word List
This is the page with the words starting with A, links to other pages at bottom. - TOEFL - Complete List
This is a very large list. (Right-click or Option-click the link to download.) -SAT - Complete List
This is a very large list. (Right-click or Option-click the link to download.) -SAT Word List
This is the page with the words starting with A, links to other pages at bottom.

Wortschatz - Top 10,000 Words in English
You can download a text file of the top words in English, German, French, ... (Updated: 24-Feb-2007)
Words in order of frequency / USENET words / Words used on the Net - KET Vocabulary List
PDF File; Key English Test (KET) - PET Vocabulary List
PDF File; Preliminary English Test (PET) - First Names in the USA - Boys
Listed in order of popularity: James, John, Robert, Micael, William, David, ... - First Names in the USA - Girls
Listed in order of popularity: Mary, Patricia, Linda, Barbara, Elizabeth, ... - Last Names in the USA (Family Names, Surnames)
Listed in order of popularity: Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, .. - Word Frequency Lists
2,000 Most Frequent Words (Brown Corpus), The Next 3,000 Most Frequent, ... - Smart - Advanced Words (Nikolay Babin)
Words to use that make you sound smart. SAT, GRE's SAT Vocabulary Words
Top 500 SAT Vocabulary words defined. - 5,000 Collegiate Words with Brief Definitions (Steve Baba)
For example, abbess n. The lady superior of a nunnery; abidance n. An abiding - 5000 SAT Vocabulary Words (Steve Baba)
Vocabualry Words with brief descriptions. SAT is a university entrance test that many Americans take. - Business English Vocabulary Lists (Kathleen Beke)
Abbreviations, Advertising Words, Computer Words, Employment, Interviews, ... - List of Phrasal Verbs
abide by, ace out, act like, account for, act out, ... - Science & Nature Glossary of Terms
acid rain, aerosol, air polution, alternative fuels, aquifer, ... - TOEFL Vocabulary Examples
Sorted by prefixes, suffixes and roots. - American and British Spelling Differences (Todd Pekel)
Spelling differences: adviser-advisor; analyse-analyze; behaviour-behavior, ... - American and British Vocabulary Differences (Todd Pekel)
flat-apartment; ground floor-first floor; lift-elevator; aubergine-eggplant; ... - Antonym List (Opposites) (Todd Pekel)
absence-presence, accept-refuse, accurate-inaccurate, alive-dead, ... - Commonly Confused Words (Todd Pekel)
Accept / Except / Expect; Advice / Advise; All ready / Already; etc. - Confused Words (Todd Pekel)
Affect / Effect; Amount / Number; Complimentary / Complementary; etc. - Greek and Latin Root Words (Todd Pekel)
A list with the roots, their meanings and examples. - Intensifiers (Todd Pekel)
by far, far and away, far better, hardly any, almost no, a good many, etc. - Prefixes (Todd Pekel)
A list of prefixes along with their meanings. - Preposition Combinations (Todd Pekel)
agree on, agree with, approve of, arrive at, arrive in, complain about, ... - Preposition Definition (Todd Pekel)
Verbs followed by a full infinitive, verbs followed by an obj + full infinitive, ... - Preposition Usage (Todd Pekel)
A list of prepositions: PLACE (in, on, under, ....) TIME (in, on, at, ...) etc. - Prepositional Phrases (Todd Pekel)
absent from sth, absorbed in sth, account for sth, accuse of sth, ... - Suffixes (Todd Pekel)
A list of suffixes along with their meanings. - TOEFL Vocabulary LIst
21 pages of words (NOTE: This wasn't work properly on July 13, 2007 when we checked.)
These look like they were compiled for password cracking, but may be useful. - The Academic Word List: A-D
abandon v. go away from (a person or thing or place) not intending to return, - The Academic Word List: E-O
economy n. avoidance of waste (of money, strength, time, resources, etc) ... - The Academic Word List: P-W
panel n. separate, usu rectangular, part of the surface of a door, ... etc. - Adjectives, Comparatives & Superlatives (Adolfo Bieri)
With translations in Spanish - English Vocabulary Lists (Adolfo Bieri)
70 subjetcts with translations in Spanish - Part of the Body Image
An image with the parts of the body labelled.'s Word Frequency Lists (Wooseob Jeong)
1-1000, 1001-2002, etc, up to 17,000 - Basic Business Vocabulary (Joseph DeVeto)
advertising, afford, agenda, bankrupt, booming, borrow, brand, ... - Common Business Expressions (Joseph DeVeto)
800 pound gorilla, an old hand, ... - High Frequency GRE and SAT Vocabulary
Words and definitions

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